If Mitch Thought He’d Be Senate Leader, What He Just Said Sealed His Fate…He’s MUST Go

If Mitch Thought He’d Be Senate Leader, What He Just Said Sealed His Fate…He’s MUST Go

I have not been a fan of Mitch McConnell for eons.


Some conservatives praised him for pushing judges through.

Not me. That’s his job. It’s the very least he can do for us. And trust me, it is the least… he does nothing else for America First. Absolutely nothing.

Mitch McConnell is a globalist and his primary concern is the Uni-Party which is ruled by the Dems.

So, Mitch is controlled by the Democrats and his job is to do their bidding, and he does.

Sure, he’ll throw us a bone, like shoving judges through, but overall, Mitch McConnell is a man who has taken a vow to stop all things “MAGA.”

And he can’t be Senate leader ever again for that very reason.

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And if you don’t believe me, just take a look at what Mitch just said today — he literally sealed his own fate with this latest comment on Ukraine.

While Americans are suffering from high Biden inflation, bare grocery store shelves, a lack of baby formula, open borders, high crime, high gas prices, and an economy that’s crumbling, Mitch McConnell and his Uni-Party are sending another $40 billion to Zelensky in Ukraine.

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And if that was not bad enough, McConnell is now calling what’s happening in Ukraine, the most important thing going on in the world right now.

Absolutely shameful. I’d call him “tone-deaf,” but Mitch knows exactly what he’s doing.

Former CIA official Bryan Wright called Mitch out on Twitter.

Here’s what Bryan said:


I just did a story today from a top US pollster, who said there’s only ONE thing that brings down GOP poll numbers for the midterms… ONE THING.

Want to know what that “one thing” is?

It’s Ukraine.

Sure, conservatives feel bad for anyone suffering, but what’s happening in Ukraine is weird.

It feels very “off.”

There’s been a ton of propaganda, and bizarre “green screen” messages from Zelensky.

It’s a very odd “war.”

There’s a TON of money being sent to Ukraine, and that has Americans wondering what’s going on as well… is this money laundering?

There’s no trust between the American people and the US Government at this point, so it’s best if we bow out of this Ukraine stuff and allow the folks in that region to deal with their own problems.

We’ve let problems in the US go by the wayside long enough.

We’ve worried about other countries’ borders while they invaded ours.

Enough is enough.


It’s time to focus on what’s happening at home, and that MUST be the most important thing happening in the world to the GOP lawmakers who work for us.

And if the US isn’t the most important thing in the world to GOP lawmakers, they need to go, and they certainly can’t lead us.

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