John Rich Shares Sign Posted Inside An Ohio School… It’s The Best Way to Stop Mass Shootings

John Rich Shares Sign Posted Inside An Ohio School… It’s The Best Way to Stop Mass Shootings

Many people are talking about what happened in Texas.


It’s just heart-wrenching to think of those poor, sweet, innocent kids going through such a horror. It’s unthinkable and we owe our kids better.

We have armed guards watching over Congress. Those old, decrepit thieves and charlatans are well-protected, but our kids don’t deserve that same security?

Hollywood scumbags have armed guards, but our kids get zilch.

Why is that? 

MORE NEWS: Husband of Texas Teacher Murdered in Mass Shooting Dies Two Days Later

Why does an “elite” life matter more than a normal, working-class American?

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That’s a question every American should ask their lawmakers.

In the meantime, all teachers should be trained and armed.

That’s what a Rock Hill school district did, and they have this sign-up.


My guess is that any mentally ill potential shooter will think twice about running into this school.

It’s great that these teachers are trained and armed.

All teachers should be.

And on top of that, every single school should have armed security roaming the halls at all times.

And if we need money to fund that, we can start by not sending Zelensky 50+ BILLION dollars.


Our kids deserve the same level of protection that lying, cheating lawmakers have.

After all, we can’t depend on the police…because in Texas, refused to engage the shooter, and stood outside the classroom while an 18-year-old executed 19 children.

While the Dems want to politicize this massacre, we need to talk about REAL solutions to protect kids for real.

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