[VIDEO] Pelosi Appears Completely “Detached From Reality” During Disturbing Presser

[VIDEO] Pelosi Appears Completely “Detached From Reality” During Disturbing Presser

If you’re looking for a more out-of-touch, clueless, gassy windbag than Nancy Pelosi, good luck.

You’ll never find a more dingy elite than this vodka-soaked prune.


Mrs. Sixteen-Dollar-a-Pint Ice Cream is literally LAUGHING at the suggestion that Americans would hold Dems responsible for inflation and high gas prices.

Yes, she actually laughs at this idea…

Apparently, Pelosi’s aids are hiding poll numbers from her again.

The latest polls show that only 19 percent of Americans want Joe Biden to run again, and only 7 percent want Kamala to run.

Does that sound like winning or success to you? No, not on any planet.

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But Pelosi, once again, has her head buried so deep in the sand that she is “shocked” at the idea any American would blame Dems for what’s happening in this country, that she practically chewed a hole in her dentures while “speaking” (more like slurring) with reporters about it.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Does Nancy have a speed/crack problem with all that jaw clenching and shifting she does?”

“Drunk on vodka and power”

“Skeletor should have been gone many years ago but due to voting fraud her stinking ass is still there”

“When she passes away, she will be honored with praise about being a woman in the position of speaker, in reality, Pelosi ruined our nation.”

“What’s with her dentures? Why is she always chewing them?”

“Pelosi can afford 40-dollar ice cream, but can’t get a pair of dentures that fit properly?”

“WOW, she’s really lost it now…” 

Whatever disease is plaguing Joe Biden, Pelosi has caught it, too.

I still can’t believe we have these senile, confused fools running our country.

I wouldn’t trust Pelosi or Biden to watch paint dry in my house, yet, these two foggy-minded buffoons are making decisions that impact our lives… scary.


I don’t know who’s crazier, them or us for allowing this geriatric insanity to go on for decades on BOTH sides of the aisle.

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