[VIDEO] Pelosi Tries Quoting Scripture to Excuse Sending $40 Billion More to Ukraine… Doesn’t End Well

[VIDEO] Pelosi Tries Quoting Scripture to Excuse Sending $40 Billion More to Ukraine… Doesn’t End Well

I wish this really happened.


I truly wish these pickled old political prunes would be struck down by lightning every time they lied… it really would make our lives much easier, wouldn’t it?

I guess it’s the thought that matters… it’s a lovely visual, anyway.

But even though Pelosi doesn’t get disintegrated by a bolt of lightning, I’d like to point out the disgusting lies she’s spreading.

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In this clip Pelosi makes it sound as if all these BILLIONS we’re sending to Ukraine are going to “feed the hungry.”

Give me a break, will you?

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If you actually believe that nonsense, you’re probably reading this from inside your house, quadruple-vaxed, with a mask on, holding your Fauci bobblehead.

Nobody with half a brain believes that hooey, even Nancy knows it’s a hard pill to swallow, that’s why she throws in the scripture at the end.



I saw a comment on this from well-respected pollster Richard Baris and I had to share it with you because he absolutely nails it.

Here’s what Richard said:

Funny, but more importantly, her claim was bullshit. We’re not sending “food for the world” or even food for Ukrainians. The vast majority of this $40 billion will end up in the pockets of Adam Schiff’s arms-dealing friends. If only Americans knew.

This is exactly right.

The money will not feed hungry souls, for crying out loud, are you kidding me? It’s being laundered and going straight into the Military-Industrial Complex’s pockets, with plenty to spare for politicians and their families and friends.

And what’s even more disgusting about this, is that they’ll lie, and send our hardworking tax dollars overseas to line their own pockets, while mothers back home can’t even get baby formula, and middle-class families can’t afford fricken chicken thighs.


Here’s what people are saying online about this:

“Ironic how people attack religion but will use religion to appear pious and caring. We wouldn’t have the homelessness problem to the degree that we do if politicians truly believe this scripture.”

“and Matthew said “give me your money…so that I might poorly redistribute it and keep some for myself””

“Go Down the Rabbit Hole of all the Homeless / Hungry within her own district she has been responsible for decades…She is truly disgusting..warning about those who use scripture’s to lie to you right here before your eyes..”

“Dragging the United States into WWIII, to boot” 

“Satan can quote Scripture too.” 

“This petrified fossil need to go”

Think about this — you had to BEG these monsters to send you 1200 bucks after they snuffed out your lives out with this COVID BS, but they will RUN like the wind to send billions and billions to foreigners… and if that doesn’t piss you off and make you determined to vote all these scumbags, from both sides of the aisle out, I seriously don’t know what will…

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