[VIDEO] Cali is Turning Family Homes With 2 Bathrooms Into Creepy “Pod Communes” For 14 People

[VIDEO] Cali is Turning Family Homes With 2 Bathrooms Into Creepy “Pod Communes” For 14 People

I was once young and stupid and did really dumb things, so I guess we could chalk this new “pod-living” idea to that… but I think it’s more involved.


I don’t want to get too “woo woo” here, but I really believe that part of the New World Order is eating bugs, and living the “bugs life” in pods.

This way the climate nuts can control everyone’s carbon footprint… so, yes, while this is a dumb idea that mostly young people are falling for right now, I think it’s part of a broader plan down the road.

**Takes off tinfoil hat**

So, why am I bringing this up, you’re wondering? Well, because I read an article this morning about this very topic, and it’s unfolding in Palo Alto, and Bakersfield, California.

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This startup company is converting single-family homes designed to house 2-4 people into “pod-life” homes for 14 people… and you get all that awesomeness for only $800 per month. LOL

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These are just normal houses, with two bathrooms, a living room, and small kitchens, for 14 strangers to live in.

Can you imagine? It sounds like a fate worse than hell.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather live under a bridge in a cardboard box…

Yahoo News reported that as rents and home prices soar to new heights, one California co-living startup is offering a novel sleeping-pod design to fit more residents into a single-family house.

Brownstone Shared Housing has two locations: the first is just minutes away from Stanford University in Palo Alto and houses 14, while the second sleeps 6 in central Bakersfield.

“We started with how can we house as many people as possible in an existing space in a way that preserves dignity and comfort and privacy,” CEO James Stallworth, who co-founded the self-financed Brownstone with Christina Lennox, said in an interview with Insider.

Both houses are fully furnished with shared co-working and living spaces, along with two bathrooms and a shared kitchen.

What makes the concept different is the “fully equipped” sleeping pods that the company says are 40% larger than a traditional bunk bed.

The structure, custom-designed by Lennox, is crafted by a custom steel manufacturer before Lennox and Stallworth add the wood and electrical components themselves.

The cocoon-like quarters include power outlets, fold-down desks, lighting, and fans, and are larger than similar capsules found in some Japanese hotels.

At $800 per month, which includes utilities, the cost of a pod is less than half the rent of a studio apartment in Palo Alto. Meanwhile, the median sale price topped $4 million in March for single-family homes, according to Redfin.


Stallworth said the Palo Alto house currently has one vacancy, which he’s currently screening applicants to fill. Not all who apply are automatically accepted, and existing residents are often consulted about which candidates they’d prefer to join the house.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“Whose turn is it to clean the bathroom?”

“So that’s what a modern gulag….. I mean social housing looks like.”

“Off to the Gulag ..California Dreaming”

“They want to normalize this.”

“Wow…a dormitory”

“But how are they supposed to social distance during the next pandemic?”

“A Prison – with open doors”

This idea will work in areas that don’t have limits on how many people can occupy one single-family home, but beyond that, they’ll run into issues.

My guess is that Cali will pass a law to allow these creepy “bug homes” all over the place.

Otherwise, they will have a helluva lot more people living in cardboard boxes under bridges.

I grew up in Cali, and I loved the weather and the Pacific Ocean, but I would never go back there and live a “bugs life” with those insane housing and cost-of-living prices.


To each his own, I guess.

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