“Conservative” Podcaster Trashes “2000 Mules” Helps Dems Try to “Debunk it” and Calls it “Propaganda” 

“Conservative” Podcaster Trashes “2000 Mules” Helps Dems Try to “Debunk it” and Calls it “Propaganda” 

I am so sick and tired of these fake “conservatives” who continue to poison our movement.


It’s not just RINO politicians who are to blame…

We have a slew of RINO grifters peddling the same left-wing nonsense online, too.

Why are they still making a living pretending to be on our side when they’re not? Who’s listening to their podcasts and reading their articles and why?

It baffles me.

So, I saw this tweet today from one of the biggest frauds out there, Erick Erickson, and I just had to call him out.

He’s now trashing “2000 Mules” and actually working with Dems to “debunk” it, so I decided it was time to reveal this nonsense.

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First off, who is Erick Erickson? Well, he’s a staunch NeverTrumper, who tanked his career thanks to Stage 5 TDS.

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This is what Wikipedia says about Erick:

Erick Woods Erickson is a conservative evangelical American radio host and blogger. His three-hour weekday talk show is heard on flagship station WSB 95.5 FM and 750 AM in Atlanta, and is syndicated to other radio stations around the U.S. He also runs the blog The Resurgent.

He also writes for the conservative site Daily Wire.

Which is shameful.

Here are his thoughts on January 6th.

The truth is Jan. 6 was a dark day in the history of our republic. Fueled by repeated lies from President Donald Trump, a group of men and women stormed the United States Capitol to stop Congress from certifying the Electoral College vote. Along with those men and women were many more who wandered in, curious, thinking they were allowed to be there.

….Ashli Babbitt was one of those with malicious intent. The Air Force veteran thought she was a hero saving the republic when really, she was a trespasser seeking to stop the lawful operations of Congress. She is no martyr. The security cameras that captured her death at the hands of a Capitol Hill police officer show she was trying to break through glass to open a door for the mob. Behind the door, House members were fleeing for their lives. Outside, the crowd had erected a gallows and some roamed the halls of Congress to find Vice President Mike Pence to hang him.


He’s not only a TDS loser, but he’s also spreading fake news.

This is an actual picture of the so-called “gallows” meant to HANG Mike Pence…

Um, they couldn’t hang a houseplant on that thing…

Thanks a lot, Erick…

At some point, Erick must’ve had an epiphany, so he decided to reluctantly “vote” for Trump in 2020 to jumpstart his failed career.

But trust me, he’s not on our side, and he’s no “Trump supporter.”

He’s also still working for the left.

Erick is actively out there pushing the left’s message that 2020 was the fairest election in all the land and that any suggestion it wasn’t is a direct threat to our democracy.

So, when it comes to the movie “200o Mules,” which reveals the left’s ballot harvesting scheme, Erick is leading the charge for Pelosi and co. to DEBUNK it.

He’s pushing left-wing talking points like he’s getting paid $$$ for it… he’s now claiming that in Georgia, the “mules” were just innocently delivering ballots for their family members, and he refers to “2000 Mules” as “propaganda.”

Here’s what Erick said on Twitter:

“In Georgia, state investigators have been tracking the alleged ballot harvesters featured in the 2000 Mules propaganda flick. Surprise! They were delivering the ballots of family members.”

However, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza was right there to DEBUNK dopey TDS-crazed Erick.

Here’s what Dinesh said in response: “Surprise! Only one individual is featured in this article and the only “proof” he was delivering votes for family members is that HE SAID SO!”

Here’s what people online are saying:

“..family’s with over 200 members is the new norm”

“Erick Erickson needs a booster shot for his Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

“Erick is a leftist at heart.”

“The left requires 2 things in order for their fraud to continue. Other leftists who don’t care. Conservatives who refuse to believe it’s happening.”

“You’re such a clown shill for the Establishment. Embarrassing!”

“With Republicans like these, we will never win.”

“Erickson is the biggest grifting clown the right has ever seen” 

““Propaganda flick”. The only propaganda is your statement below! 2000 mules has the evidence. If you can prove otherwise (PROOF.. not the mule denied it), have a live debate with Dinesh. Otherwise stfu with your lies”

“You’re a shill. Anyone who takes this seriously needs to get their heads examined. You mean to tell me that they have so many family members? These never Trumpers are not mentally stabled. 270 ppl on video at one box and dropping off 1900 ballots. Make that make sense.”

“Why are you carrying water for the Left? Some of these folks had dozens of ballots Did they really have that many infirm family members? At a minimum this points out the folly of drop boxes & uncontrolled ballot mailing We need to fix that”

With “friends” like Erick Erickson, who needs enemies?


As much as we need to rid this movement of RINO politicians, we need to do the same with RINO grifters like Erick, who are toxic to everything “America First.”

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