Grandfather Reveals What Likely “Set Off” Texas Killer Right Before Rampage… It’s So Incredibly Petty

Grandfather Reveals What Likely “Set Off” Texas Killer Right Before Rampage… It’s So Incredibly Petty

There are still so many questions surrounding the mass murder at a Texas elementary school, where a mentally ill demonic 18-year-old slaughtered 21 people, including19 4th-grade children.


First off, why didn’t the cops go in and try to stop this madman? We’re told they didn’t want to get shot and die. There needs to be an investigation because the killer was allowed to hang out and murder kids for over an hour, with no interruption.

But what started all of this?

We know the kid is obviously sick and evil, but what set him off?

Well, we have a clue what it was, thanks to his grandfather, who spoke to reporters about what happened that fateful day.

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As you likely know, Salvador Ramos kicked off his despicable murder rampage by shooting his grandmother. I didn’t realize until today that she actually lived, even though he shot her in the face.

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According to the grandfather, Ramos went on the rampage after he was told that he had to start “contributing” to the household and pay for his own cell phone.

Up until that point, the grandmother had Ramos on her cell plan.

The New York Post reported that the grandfather of the gunman who committed a mass shooting at a Texas elementary school said Thursday that his wife is recovering but unable to speak after their grandson shot her in the face before the massacre.

“She awake and all, but she’s in pain,” Rolando Reyes told The Post about his wife, Celia Martinez Gonzales.


Reyes said Ramos would spend all day on the phone or asleep on the couch near the front window of the house, but denied ever seeing behavior that would lead them to believe he was capable of violence.

The morning of the shooting, Ramos’ grandmother told him he needed to contribute more to the household.

“My wife had put him on her phone bill… added a phone line for him,” he said. “My wife told him, ‘It’s time that you get our own line.’”

The grandmother reportedly cannot speak, and she can’t communicate written, either, but she is awake and alert in the hospital.


The grandfather says that two of his close friends lost their grandchildren in the murderous rampage, and he’s worried that he’s lost his friends forever, thanks to the sick actions of his grandson.

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