Joe Should Discuss Why Nobody Got Texas Killer The Mental Help He Needed, Not “Gun Control” 

Joe Should Discuss Why Nobody Got Texas Killer The Mental Help He Needed, Not “Gun Control” 

18-year-old Salvador Ramos was a walking “red flag.”


There were signs everywhere that this kid was a ticking time bomb.

He was weird, detached, and a loner. Now, that alone doesn’t make you a budding mass shooter, but the rest of what I am about to tell you does…

Ramos liked to cut up his face for “fun.” He was also violent and reportedly got physical with his mom and grandmother. He would creep out his female co-workers by harassing them with inappropriate text messages.

He didn’t like women very much.

Police knew about this kid… they were at his house a lot. His mother would call them when he got “aggressive” with her.

Neighbors say he was a problem kid.

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That’s why he recently moved in with his grandmother.

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There are some reports that claim he was also a cross-dresser, so he may have been very uncomfortable in his own skin.

A confused, mentally sick kid. 

He would drive around and shoot random people with a BB gun.

Ramos went from being a shy, sweet kid to a dark, weirdo who wore all black and just stared at people.

His friends would describe the change in Ramos as “drastic” and said they didn’t understand what happened to him.

There is no excuse for this monster’s behavior, but to further emphasize the mental illness he likely suffered through, it’s fair to note that Salvador Ramos had a tough life. He lived with a drug-addicted mother. He grew up poor, in a very unstable environment. He had a lisp and stuttered and was reportedly bullied in school.


This kid was a walking/talking example of someone who desperately needed some outside help, and apparently, he didn’t get any, or if he did, he needed a heck of a lot more.

And if Joe Biden wasn’t a shriveled-up political hack, this is what he’d be talking about right now, not gun control.

But Joe isn’t interested in solutions. All he wants to do is fire up his base.

So that’s why Biden is shuffling around, suggesting that all Americans who buy “semiautomatic rifles” are going to use them to “kill somebody,” and claiming the 2nd Amendment is for “deer hunting.”

The man is a blithering idiot. 

Here is this dark, “emo” kid, who was violent and aggressive towards family, who self-harmed, dropped out of school, had no structure, and sat around playing video games all day… and I am gonna go out on a limb and guess the games he was playing were violent “first shooter” types…the writing was all over the wall on this one.

And even after all that, Joe Biden still wants to bypass the real problem, and use this nightmare to push his base to vote in the 2022 midterms for people who want “gun control.”

Anything to get his zombies to the polls.

It’s disgusting, and just another example of how twisted and terminally sick the Democrat Party is.


They don’t care how many violent, crazy teens are out there… They just want a reason to push their politics.

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