Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Just Called Out Something “Very Fishy” About Uvalde Shooting

Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Just Called Out Something “Very Fishy” About Uvalde Shooting

They say timing is everything.


It’s true.

Think about the moments in life when “timing” came together.

I look at the 2020 election when I think of amazing “timing.”

Here you had this bumbling, goofy senile fool running for president against this sharp, strong guy with a “superhero” economy that was making life great for ALL Americans.

How on earth would Dems have a snowball’s chance of winning against THAT?

They wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the “timing.”

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Out of nowhere, this virus hit and took down the world’s greatest economy.

Just like that, wiped it right out. It was jaw-dropping to see…

And then the virus made it possible for everyone in America to vote by mail for the first time.

Heck, my household of only three people, received ELEVEN unrequested mail-in ballots in other people’s names.

It was a free-for-all.

So, yeah, “timing” can be a real “game-changer” if used correctly, can’t it?

And that’s the point Newsmax host Greg Kelly just made in his recent tweet about the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.

As Greg points out, the shooting occurred just days before the NRA convention in Houston, Texas.



But then he mentioned another case of bizarre “timing.”

Obviously, everyone remembers Columbine, right? It happened in Colorado.

Well, one week after that shooting, the NRA convention was taking place in Denver, Colorado.

Here’s what Greg said: “I find it INCREDIBLY WEIRD that the shooting in TEXAS took place Just before the NRA had their big meeting planned for HOUSTON. And Remember Columbine? In Colorado, The Big NRA summit was taking place in DENVER the following week ? VERY VERY VERY VERY -FISHY.”

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Anyone gonna be surprised if we learn some of the online entities encouraging this twisted kid were feds?”

“Of course it’s JUST a coincidence because we know there are LOTS of minimum-wage employees who can afford THOUSANDS of dollars worth of guns and ammo out there…”

“totally normal to be suspicious especially since the fbi spend most of their time encouraging the unwell and schizophrenic to do terrorism”

“Wow, that’s a very peculiar coincidence now isn’t it?”

“What is even more strange is how does a just turned 18 year old buy over 5000 dollars in guns and tactical gear on a credit card and why would a teacher prop open the back door of the school!”

I agree, it’s definitely an odd case of “timing.”

What a coincidence.


But then again, what do they say about coincidences?

I think they say there are no “real coincidences” in life… everything is planned.

Am I suggesting the feds planned this shooting? Of course not. I have no proof of that. Nobody does.

But I do agree that the timing and locations are an odd coincidence.

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