Disturbing Cause of Death Revealed For Former “Toddlers And Tiaras” Star

Disturbing Cause of Death Revealed For Former “Toddlers And Tiaras” Star

I have been reporting on the news for a while now, and never before have I done so many stories on young, successful, supposedly happy people committing suicide as I have in 2021 and 2022.


It’s astonishing how many of these stories there are — and every time I report on a well-known young person who committed suicide, I think to myself, “How many unknown young people are also dying, and why is this happening??”

I think I know why.

I think those God-forsaken lockdowns have contributed to so much depression and hopelessness among many young people out there.

I truly believe this horrific media and Dem fear-mongering and doom and gloom forecast have just been too much for so many impressionable and easily swayed young people to bear.

So, here I am again, with yet another one of these sad stories to report.

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This is about a beautiful young girl – only 16-years-old – who was once a star on the reality show “Toddlers and Tiaras.”

The Daily Caller reported that “Toddler’s & Tiaras” star Kailia Posey died by suicide Monday at the age of 16, according to TMZ.

Posey’s family issued a statement Tuesday to TMZ  saying, “Although she was an accomplished teenager with a bright future ahead of her, unfortunately in one impetuous moment, she made the rash decision to end her earthly life.” The family went on to list Posey’s accomplishments and dreams of the future, the outlet reported.

“She won countless crowns and trophies after competing on the pageant circuit her entire life… Her highly acclaimed talent as a contortionist had already led to professional touring job offers, and she had recently been selected to be a cheerleader at her high school next fall,” the statement continued. Posey was also pursing her commercial pilot’s license, TMZ reported.


She was a beauty:

Posey died in Washington state, TMZ noted, where her death is being investigated by Whatcom Sheriff’s Office.

She also became “social media” famous when her “devilish grin” was used on a popular gif that people still use to this day.

I love that gif. What an adorable little girl.


As always, I am heartbroken to report on stories like this, but I hope it inspires parents, friends, and family members to reach out to the teens and young people in your life and really make sure they’re okay.

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