To Understand Exactly Why Deep State is TERRIFIED of President Trump, Just Look at His Wyoming Rally

To Understand Exactly Why Deep State is TERRIFIED of President Trump, Just Look at His Wyoming Rally

Last night President Trump set a state-wide record in Wyoming for the biggest event ever held.


He was there to campaign against traitor and globalist Liz Cheney, and President Trump filled a 22K stadium, and of course, that didn’t include the overflow.

It was a barn burner of a rally.

Take a look:

I saw all these pictures and videos of the rally, and I smiled and felt great, knowing that Liz Cheney was marinating in the DC Swamp, seething mad.

But I’m never shocked or surprised by the crowds at Trump rallies.

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It’s just how it is.

We expect there to be a huge crowd, and a great time had by all, right?

But did you realize this isn’t “normal?”

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Sure, we see it as normal, but this isn’t how politics goes. This isn’t like something anyone’s ever seen before and that’s why the Deep State is so terrified.

So, that’s why, when I saw this tweet last night, it really struck a chord with me.

It’s from a Trump-supporting account that goes by C3.

And here’s what he said: “Filling up a 20K seat arena is NOT normal. People waiting in line for days for a rally is NOT normal. Media wont tell you this but this isnt supposed to happen in year 6/7 of a political movement. Trump & MAGA is a movement like none weve seen before. It TERRIFIES the Swamp.”


I love this tweet because, while I know MAGA is something special, I never really stopped and thought about it on a deeper level.

Here we are, 6-7 years into this MAGA political movement and President Trump, who isn’t even the “president” anymore (even though he really is, because he won), can still draw in “rock concert” crowds.

That’s INSANE.

Really think about this… It’s a political phenomenon, the likes of which we’ve never seen before in this country, or anywhere in the world, for that matter.

Rudy gets it:

So, what is it about President Trump that draws us to him?

Sure, it’s his accomplishments, but it’s bigger than that…

Liberals and idiots in the media will say it’s a “cult” or “racism” or claim he’s like a “Hitler” character. But it’s much less absurd than that.

It’s actually quite simple.

He tells us the truth. 


People flock towards the truth, especially when it’s been kept under lock and key for so long… and yes, that is exactly why the Deep State is so terrified… because Trump represents the truth.

So, while what’s happening isn’t “normal,” it’s absolutely magical.

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