Trump Lauds The GOP As The Party Of ‘Common Sense And American Dream’

Trump Lauds The GOP As The Party Of ‘Common Sense And American Dream’

Donald Trump congratulated the America First Republican Party on Tuesday’s primary results and called it the “party of common sense” and “party of the American dream.”

During a soggy Save America rally in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Trump declared, “We have a country that is in big trouble.” “Tuesday’s primary results are just the latest evidence that the Republican Party has undergone a dramatic shift. The good news is that I’m relieved.”

“As the party of working people, we’ve taken the reins of power. But in reality, we’re a gathering for everyone. You know what? We’re the party. Because we’re a party founded on reason, “the former president opined.

“The Democrats are destroying our country” because of the 2020 election, Trump claimed.

According to Joe Biden and the radical Democrats, “calm has been replaced with chaos, competence with incompetence, and stability with anarchy.” Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies and defunding of the police movements were slammed by Trump.

Donald Trump continued: “Democrats are the party of crime, the party of chaos and the party of death.” It doesn’t matter how you feel about it: “They’re the party of death.” Trump urged his supporters to cast their ballots for public safety in November’s midterms.

Trump continued, “Republicans are the party of law, order, and life.” “Yeah, and what about this? To many Americans, Republicans represent the realization of the American ideal. They truly represent the party of the American dream, which is currently being robbed from you. In order to keep violent criminals out of our country, you should vote for the radical Democrats. In order to keep you, your family, and your children safe, you must vote for the Republican Party. Do it now!”

For all their efforts to root out “disinformation” following years of falsely accusing the Trump campaign of colluding with “Russia, Russia, Russia,” Democrats and the Biden administration were also attacked by Trump. “They’re full of misinformation,” he said. “You know. That’s all they do well, and they’re very good at it.”

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Just 11 days before the May 17 primary that will determine the slate for one of the key 2022 midterm battleground states, Trump made an appearance in western Pennsylvania.

After six months, Trump told a crowd clad in raincoats and umbrellas that they would “fire the radical left Democrats,” “send Dr. Oz to fight for you in the United States Senate,” and elect “an incredible slate of true America First Republicans,” as he proclaimed to the wet and sodden audience. Aside from the “embarrassing” withdrawal from Afghanistan, Trump also blasted President Joe Biden for allowing Russia’s Vladimir Putin to invading Ukraine.

“The incredible power of modern weaponry makes this the most dangerous time in our country’s history,” Trump said. “With Vladimir Putin, they don’t know what to do. What these people are saying is completely out of context.

“They’re clueless when it comes to psychology and what it will take to put an end to this madness. As a result of our incompetence, millions of people will be killed. At the wrong time and in the wrong place, they are saying the wrong thing.. This was completely out of character for me. And, quite frankly, this cannot go on.”

Trump also bemoaned the sputtering economy and inflation that has reached 40-year highs. With “virtually no inflation,” Trump boasted of the greatest economy the world has ever known. “We didn’t have any inflation at all. We had plenty of power. Low-cost gas was available. We had low-cost electricity, so all they had to do was relax on the beach. The best lines.

“For more than 50 years, inflation has been at its worst, and it will continue to rise. More than $6,000 a year is costing families more than any tax increase proposed.”

A 2024 presidential campaign announcement has yet to materialize for Trump, as he continues to repeat his mantra.

We saved our country once, and we will save our country again with the help of all of you tonight,” Trump said. “There were 12 million more votes cast in 2018 than there were in 2016, and I received more votes than any president in our country’s history. I ran twice and won both times. We received millions more votes than any other president in the history of the United States has ever received.

It’s possible that we’ll have to repeat the process now. In addition, Trump made his well-known remark that he intends to run for president again.

This is the most important midterm victory in American history, and we need to win it by a wide margin so that the radical left cannot rig or steal the election,” Trump said in an interview. “You know, if you win by a large enough margin, they can’t rig it, but we’re also keeping a close eye on them.

“During this election year, we will win back the House, the Senate, and the entire country. In 2024, most importantly, we will reclaim the White House from the hands of a foreign power. Until then, we must ensure that Dr. Oz has a landslide victory in this primary “opined Trump.




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