[VIDEO] Look At This Crazy Putt The MAGA KING Just Sunk From Really DEEP

[VIDEO] Look At This Crazy Putt The MAGA KING Just Sunk From Really DEEP

President Trump is a really good golfer.


Remember how often Obama would golf, like every other day, and he still sucked at it?

Well, that’s not the case with “MAGA KING” President Trump, who recently got a hole-in-one, and now, just landed this LONG, deep putt while he was out golfing on his course.

The “MAGA KING” is obviously a nod to Joe Biden’s new nickname for President Trump, which everyone loves, including Trump.

He even shared a “MAGA KING” meme on Truth Social.


Gotta love it… I think President Trump’s just mad that he didn’t think of that cool nickname, himself.

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It’s literally the only awesome thing Joe Biden has ever done.

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But I have a feeling Trump forgot about all that stuff, while he was on the golf course, sinking putts like this one…

Watch the video below:


It’s so nice to see Trump enjoying himself.


I hope he has a lot of fun for now because we need him back in two years.

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