[VIDEO] Tucker Reveals REAL Reason Biden Canceled “Ministry of Truth”…And MSM Will Never Admit This

[VIDEO] Tucker Reveals REAL Reason Biden Canceled “Ministry of Truth”…And MSM Will Never Admit This

Well, today the Biden admin paused the “Ministry of Truth” indefinitely.


This came after several weeks of backlash against the dystopian/commie department and the nutty woman Biden placed in charge.

This woman was a mixture of Mary Poppins, a Harry Potter groupie, and a Russia hoax kook.

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When she wasn’t spreading lies and disinformation, she was singing show tunes, and playing in a music band that sexualized 14-year-old Harry Potter.


Does anybody in this Biden admin vet people? A simple Google name search could’ve done the trick.

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How on earth did this fruitcake pass the test and get approved to lead this creepy communist department?

In the end, this was a huge embarrassment for the Biden admin… and as you know, the one and only thing the left can’t handle is being mocked and laughed at… and that’s why the creepy department and Nina had to go.

And that’s what Tucker laid out, as he brilliantly explained why the Ministry of Truth was really axed.


Tucker Carlson talks about Biden’s Ministry of Truth being put on pause: “Nina Jankowicz was so embarrassing that even the Biden administration … couldn’t put up with her.”

You can watch the video below:

Tucker is right. And while the media won’t tell you this truth, because they’ll do everything they can to protect the narrative, the rest of us know exactly what’s going on.

Here’s what people think about Minister Nina:

“She looks like some cartoon villain out of some superhero franchise”

“She actually spread disinformation when she discussed online platforms’ bias when it comes to censorship LOL” 

“Likely a lot more skeletons in her closet.”

“Maybe ScaryPoppins finally blinked her brains out (what little she had).”

“She’s a loony toon..but then the entire admin is a cartoon”

“How the hell did she ever get selected? Did they do absolutely no vetting? Man, this administration absolutely screws up everything.”


The unseriousness of this admin is so over the top, and it’s magnified by the (laughable) fact that we were told the “adults” were back in charge.

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