Tucker Uses His Show Chyron to Send Brutally Savage Message to Joe and His Crack Head Son

Tucker Uses His Show Chyron to Send Brutally Savage Message to Joe and His Crack Head Son

Tucker is known for using his show Chyron to slam people.


Remember what he did to Michael Avenatti when he appeared on his show? The chyron identified him as “CFP” or “Creepy Porn Lawyer.” It was awesome.

Well, he’s back at it, only this time he’s got his sights set on Joe Biden… and his crackhead son, too.

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Remember when the fact-checkers told us that Joe Biden was NOT sending “free” crack pipes to Americans, and called those of us claiming he was “liars” and said we were spreading “fake news”?

The White House also said it was not true and vowed they were NOT sending out “free” crack pipes.

Yeah, well, turns out they were the real liars and fake news peddlers.

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Biden is actually sending out “free” crack pipes. Surprise, surprise…

The fine folks over at Washington Free Beacon actually ordered “Safe Smoking” kits, and there were CRACK PIPES in all of them.


You can’t find baby formula for your child, but some crack head is getting a taxpayer-funded “free” crack pipe.

That’s Biden’s America.

Even after the story about the crack pipes broke, Jen Psaki, being the shameless liar that she is, claimed it was a “conspiracy theory.”


It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s real. And this is just another disgusting lie the fake Biden admin is spreading.

And these are the liars who want to create a “Ministry of Truth”… give us all a break.

So, amid all this “crack pipe talk,” Tucker called out Joe and his crack head son with a brutally savage message using the chyron on his show.

It was perfect. Here’s what it said: “Biden wants everyone to have access to crack pipes like his son Hunter.”


Here’s the segment, it was fantastic:

I am sure that Biden has a soft spot in his heart for crack heads, thanks to his deadbeat son.

But he’s not helping anybody by sending crack pipes.

All he’s doing is being a typical enabling Democrat.


If he truly wanted to help those people, he’d close the border and stop this tsunami of illegal drugs pouring over.

These people need rehab therapy and a trade school.

Instead, Biden wants them dependent on the government for their next “high.”

It’s disgusting. 

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