The Case of The Mysterious “300 Needle Attacks” That Has Authorities Nervous and Baffled

The Case of The Mysterious “300 Needle Attacks” That Has Authorities Nervous and Baffled

Remember that Astroworld Concert debacle, where all those concertgoers were killed?

There was a rumor floating around that someone with a needle stabbed a security guard.


That rumor was quickly debunked — almost too quickly, but regardless, apparently “needle jabbing” is a rather serious crime and it’s sweeping across parts of Europe in a big way.

It’s happening right now, mainly in France and the UK, and it’s causing a massive panic; as authorities don’t know who is doing it or why.

And the victims are mostly young women at nightclubs, but some men have been pricked by these needles, too.

Sky News reported that more than 300 people in France have reported being pricked out of the blue with needles at nightclubs or concerts in recent months.

Although doctors and multiple prosecutors are on the case, no one knows who’s doing it or why, and whether the victims have been injected with drugs – or indeed any substance at all.

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People from Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, Nancy, Rennes and other cities around France have reported being pricked with a needle without their knowledge or permission.

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The targeted individuals, who are mostly women, show visible marks of injection, often bruises, and report symptoms like feeling groggy.

Club owners and police are trying to raise awareness, and a rapper even interrupted his recent show to warn concert-goers about the risk of surprise needle attacks.

The problem is not isolated to France.

The UK government is studying a spate of “needle spiking” there, and police in Belgium and the Netherlands are investigating scattered cases too.

Several police investigations are ongoing in different regions, but no suspect has been arrested yet, no needle has been found and the motive remains unclear.


In the UK, parliament issued a report in April on drink and needle spiking in pubs and nightclubs after a surge in such incidents last year.

It said police reported about 1,000 cases of needle injection across the country around October 2021, when students returned to campuses after COVID restrictions eased.

However, the parliament report said there was a lack of data to judge how serious the issue is.

It’s not clear whether anyone has been prosecuted for needle spiking, or how many victims were injected with a drug or other substance.

This really goes to prove that bad people will always fund a way to hurt others, even if guns are banned.


Thankfully, nobody’s died yet, that we know of, but if this starts becoming a bigger thing and a legit weapon of terror, just being in a big crowd, anywhere, could get very scary, very fast.

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