Experts Say “No Way Back” For Amber Heard in Hollywood… Her Career is “Now Over”

Experts Say “No Way Back” For Amber Heard in Hollywood… Her Career is “Now Over”

Liars and cheaters never prosper.


They may get away with it for a while, but in the end, their world always crumbles.

Just look at Joe Biden, who’s a walking disaster… and it’s going to get worse for him, trust me.

That’s exactly what’s happening now to Amber Heard, who many believe used the #MeToo movement to “cash in” on some much-needed PR and support from Hollywood, fans, and producers, who saw her as a “victim” of so-called abuse.

And it worked for a while, when Johnny Depp, her former husband, was “canceled” by Hollywood… he lost his entire career, thanks to accusations Heard levied at him and wrote about in a WAPO op-ed.

Well, Depp sued her, and after 6 weeks of evidence, a jury didn’t believe her, and most of America agrees.

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Now, Amber is stuck paying about 8 million bucks back to her former husband, and according to experts, her Hollywood career is over.

Daily Mail reported that after a jury in Northern Virginia found that Amber Heard had in fact defamed her ex-husband Johnny Depp, a few experts are saying her career could well be done in Hollywood.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor on Wednesday won big across the board after a six-week trial in which the actor had sued the actress for $50 million, while she countersued for $100 million. In the end, Heard was left with an $8.35 million bill to Depp, a ruling she has vowed to appeal.

Depp was effectively awarded $10.35 million for his suit, while Heard was awarded $2 million for hers.

“Experts have suggested that there is ‘no way back for Heard in Hollywood’ adding that the dramatic six-week court battle has left the actress, 36, ‘too icky for a studio,’ raising questions about her career and future earnings,” the Daily Mail reported.

Heard’s problems may widen well beyond her Hollywood career.


“Hollywood bosses are unlikely to consider her for roles going forward. Financially, the actress and witnesses alluded to her money troubles, while the huge outpouring of support for Depp may lead to brands and companies avoiding her,” the Mail wrote.

In addition, Heard’s assets may come into play, which include a $570,000 hideaway in Yucca Valley, as well as a Range Rover she got in the divorce, according to The Daily Mail.

Amber can’t use bankruptcy laws to get out of paying this.

The only way that she could get a reprieve is if Johnny Depp doesn’t ask for payment.

We’ll see how this plays out, but if you ask me, Johnny should go after 7 million of it — that’s what she took in the divorce, and claimed she was donating to “charity.”


Something she never did, by the way.

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