[VIDEO] Many Say Biden Experienced His Biggest “Dementia Moment” Yet, and It’s Probably Not What You Think

[VIDEO] Many Say Biden Experienced His Biggest “Dementia Moment” Yet, and It’s  Probably Not What You Think

I talk a lot about Biden’s mental issues.


Obviously, I am not a doctor, but I see and hear the same stuff you do and it’s disturbing.

Mostly, I report on his slurring, confusion, and aimless wandering, but there’s something else he’s been doing more of lately, and for me, as someone who intimately experienced Dementia and Alzheimer’s on both sides of my family, it was his biggest “giveaway” yet, and proof that something is terribly wrong with Joe.

But this time it wasn’t about being confused, lost, or unable to speak… This time it was about that bizarre, uncontrollable, quick rush of anger that he’s been showing more lately.

That inability to communicate without getting strangely angry is one of the biggest “tells” that I noticed in my family members who suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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Again, I am no doctor, but Joe reminds me so much of my grandfather with the bizarre over-the-top angry outbursts.

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It’s like he can’t communicate, no matter what he does… He slurs and stammers, and forgets sentences, or he’s screaming and yelling.

This isn’t normal, not by a long shot.

You can watch the video below:


Joe needs professional help in a hospital. He should not be playing “fake president” on our dime. He’s ruining our lives.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Yeah, you’re making our lives worse, you angry old fool.”

“Changing peoples lives!!!! Yeah for the worse you potato brained asshole.”

What a fu**ing loser #Disgraceful”

“We’re the ones suffering thanks to this senile asshole, and he’s yelling at us????” 

“On an unrelated note, anger is a warning sign of dementia.”

“Your spending changed people lives by adding $5k-$6k in additional costs to live per year…”

“Um, why is he yelling at us, when this isn’t our fault?” 

“I can’t believe I voted for this guy. I will do anything to make up for this. If Trump runs, I will shut up and vote for him, I promise” 

“He’s changed my life for the worse. How bout y’all?”

“This is who he is, in my opinion, and personal experience. He is illogical, rageful and not compassionate or caring for American people. And yes the Biden administration spending 53 billion$ on a proxy war against Russia that NO ONE wants is truly reckless. “

“Unhinged ranting won’t change the fact that Joe Biden’s reckless spending caused inflation.”

“Biden is right. 40-year-high inflation, formula shortages, and $5 gas are changing lives . . .”

“This motherfu**er is unhinged.”

“Inflation caused by reckless spending does, in fact, change people’s lives. Not for the better, obviously. Also, why is he so angry?”

“This angry outburst is a sickness, I hope everyone knows that by now” 

“I have never seen a president lose his cool like this so often, what gives?” 

“Furthermore, you kids get off my lawn!!!!!!!!”

“This is how dictators talk. Screaming, gaslighting and threatening.”

“Does Kim Jong-un yell this much? I don’t think so” 

“You are definitely changing lives you ASSHOLE.”

“Who does this old ass moutherfu**er think he is yelling at me? I’m the guy paying 6 bucks for gas, you fu**ing idiot” 

Americans are the ones who should be angry right now, not some millionaire politician whose ego is bruised because his poll numbers suck.


This is just a completely insulting and rude reaction, especially when Americans are really suffering under this inept bozo.

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