[VIDEO] Black Americans Lash Out at Joe When Reporter Asks Them About The Economy “Bring Trump Back!”

[VIDEO] Black Americans Lash Out at Joe When Reporter Asks Them About The Economy “Bring Trump Back!”

I always love when a reporter takes to the streets and gets opinions from people on the streets. It says so much more than all these phony polls do because even these liberal-leaning polls that have Biden sinking in quicksand are still rigged.


His new national average approval is 39 percent — that’s BS. You can’t find hardly anyone who supports this feeble old jackass, except maybe the bots online.

I’d say, honestly, he’s at about 18-20 percent approval, and that’s only because we still have a bunch of idiots in this country.

So, watching these “street interviews” are always the best. You get a great feel for what’s really going on, and this particular clip is really great.


Lately, Joe Biden’s been shuffling around the country telling Americans how “AWESOME” his economy is, and claiming that we’re all so much better off than we were under Trump and life is great, and we should thank Joe from the bottom of our hearts for all this greatness he’s bestowed upon us.

It’s amazing to see someone so out of touch…

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Meanwhile, the national average for a gallon of gas just hit $5 bucks a gallon and is expected to go much higher.

There are some places in Cali that are charging $10 bucks a gallon and it’s just the first week of June. It’s gonna climb another couple of bucks for sure, and don’t get me started on inflation. I needed a personal loan just to get a package of chicken wings.


So, conservative reporter Savanah Hernandez took to the streets and asked Black Americans how they feel about Joe’s economy, and all I can say is…they hate it and they want President Trump back.


Clearly, all Americans want Trump back.


Actually, they never wanted him to leave, to begin with, and that’s painfully obvious to most everyone by now.

2020 was a complete and total sham.

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