[VIDEO] Has Anyone Bothered To Tell Biden What “MAGA” Actually Stands For? 

[VIDEO] Has Anyone Bothered To Tell Biden What “MAGA” Actually Stands For? 

So, Joe Biden and his Handlers hired some yahoo’s to conduct research on messaging… they wanted to see what “message” they could use that would ignite the American people… and what they came up with was stunningly stupid.


Instead of uniting the country, and pushing their own message of positivity and prosperity, the geniuses over in the Biden compound have made everything about Trump and attacked all things “MAGA.”

So, slurring Joe has been shuffling around the US, attacking MAGA with really cool terms, like, calling Trump the MAGA KING and calling us “ULTRA MAGA” and “MAGA GANG.” I mean, Joe might have a future making right-wing memes when this whole “fake president” stuff falls apart.

Anyway, he’s back at it today, during another slurred “old coot” speech at the AFL-CIO, he’s once again attacking MAGA, and he sounds like some cranky old-timer yelling at the kids to stop skateboarding on the sidewalk.

But this latest go-round of MAGA attacks got me thinking…

Has anyone actually told Joe Biden what the hell MAGA stands for?

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Does he know when he attacks the “MAGA” agenda that Republicans are pushing, he’s actually attacking the idea of “Making America Great Again”?

Has anyone spelled this out for Dementia Man?

You can watch the video below:


Here’s what people online are saying:

“I find it curious that Biden uses the idea of “Making America Great” as a negative. Which means, for Biden, the reverse of “Make America Great” is preferable. Interesting strategy.”

“Joe Biden’s policies have been such a catastrophic failure that Ultra MAGA might be the only thing that can save this country.”

“Whoever did the polling on this needs to be fired.”

“Joe, take your old arthritic butt to a care home get out of my house please”

“He is delusional”

“Pretty incredible for the guy who’s spent his presidency destroying the economy, crashing stocks, pushing gas & inflation to all time highs, allowed 3 million illegals to walk right in while setting up a ministry of truth and holding show trials to think he’s uniting the country.”

“He says he believes in Bi-Partisanship then goes on to trash half the country lol” 

cheap gas decent prices world peace mean tweets second amendment first amendment #UltraMAGA

“Keep talking about it, Joe. Makes them stronger, you idiot. Why did I vote for you?” 

“He’s trashing the idea of making America great? I am no fan of Trump, but this is NOT a good idea, especially when there’s inflation, high gas prices, and food shortages. Why is he doing this?”

Seriously, has anyone told this dummy what MAGA actually means?

If you ask me, this plan is a terrible idea… if you’re not “for” Making America Great Again, you must be against it, and is that why everything is going to hell in a handbasket, Joe?

Because you’re a globalist who hates America?


Once again, elitist Dems fail to understand what’s actually going on with average Americans, and in the end, Joe and the Dems will pay the price.

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