[VIDEO] Hide Your Little Girls! It’s “Biden Shark Week” On Delaware Beaches

[VIDEO] Hide Your Little Girls! It’s “Biden Shark Week” On Delaware Beaches

Well, it’s “Biden Shark Week” in Delaware.


Land shark Joe is at the beach and on the prowl, trolling for little girls in bathing suits.

And sadly, he found some victims.

Elijah Schaffer, a reporter for The Blaze, put it best when he said, “Keep an eye on your kids or someone else will.”

That picture is particularly damning after an excerpt from his daughter Ashley’s diary leaked out.

Ashley claims that she and her father took “inappropriate showers” together when she was young, and she believes those showers led to her being very promiscuous and developing an addiction to sex.

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Maybe this creep should steer clear of little girls now that he’s almost 80 years old?

God knows we’ve all seen enough.


Like I said, he can’t stop himself… it’s just who he is, and it’s disgusting and offensive.

Well, one very creative Trump supporter who goes by the handler “Machiavelli Memez,” came up with the clever and very true “Biden Shark Week” concept.

He put this video together of Joe trolling the beaches of Delaware, looking for his next “meal.”

You can watch the video below:


Here’s what people online are saying:

He’s not stupid politically, when his weasel brain functioned. But today’s Biden either believes all his loyal subjects love him or he’s only operating on lizard (shark?) brain.”

“It looked like the girl in the green sweatshirt grabbed Joe’s hand after the pic to get him away from there.”

“She distracted him just enough to stop creepy Biden from trying to kiss that little girl on the lips.. “

“That’s the daughter he showered with that had the diary. She knew what could happen because she’s been through it”

“Ashley in green sweatshirt grabs Biden’s hand to distract him. Seeing dad with a little girl must’ve triggered a memory or two.”

“He can’t help himself”

“Did you see Joe pinch the skin on the back of the girl’s arm in eagerness to get her within sniffing range” 

“parents just sacrifice their children to the pedoshark I guess.” 

“Absolutely disgusting . Parents u should know better than this .”

“That little girl can’t get away from him fast enough. Cringe!”

“That was legit scary!!! Didn’t know if he was gonna sniff or get handsy… cringe”

I’ve heard that his Handlers also “cringe” whenever Joe gets near kids.

The rumors claim that they’ve tried to keep him away from kids, and have even told him to “lay off,” but nothing works… his physical desire is too strong.


This man is a monster. 

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