[VIDEO] Yesterday, Justice Clarence Thomas Wiped This “1991 Snarky Grin” Right Off Joe Biden’s Face

[VIDEO] Yesterday, Justice Clarence Thomas Wiped This “1991 Snarky Grin” Right Off Joe Biden’s Face

Oh, Joe… You always had to be a showoff and a “grandstander.”


It’s funny, one of Joe’s favorite sayings was, “I mean that sincerely, I’m not trying to be a wise guy…” … truth is, Joe was always being a “wise guy.”

He thought he was “larger than life.”

But you have to remember, back in the early 90s, the American people ate that stuff up. They’d see these soundbites on the news, or CSPAN, and politicians back then looked like rock stars.

President Trump and social media changed all of that, but the early 90s were a very different time in politics, so much “schtick” worked back then — one problem with Joe Biden today, besides his mushy brain, is that he thinks the 90s “stuff” still works in 2022.

It doesn’t.

And speaking of the 90s, I have a fun little “throwback” for you today…

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In light of the Roe v Wade ruling, one of the best right-wing memers we’ve got, who goes by the handle “Maze,” found a video clip from the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing that is perfect for today.

It’s Mr. Wise Guy Joe, grandstanding and getting all showboat-y while he was questioning Thomas at the hearing, and in this particular clip, he brings up abortion… the clip is so fantastic, because of that sh*t-eating grin Biden has on his face…

Yesterday, Justice Thomas wiped it right off…

You can watch the video below:

I love it.

Here’s what people online had to say:

“Yep. Justice Thomas wiped that smile off Joe’s face yesterday. I love it.”

“Did he just say ‘I don’t want to know what you think cause what I’m trying to find out is how you think about these things?’ Did that make any sense?”

“Are there subtitles? I couldn’t understand a word because of his lifelong stutter. lol”

“Wow this material is too good. Thanks for finding this gem”

“What comes around goes around.”

“Karma is having a field day with Joe Biden”

In case you want to see it, here’s how it all began:

I also found this meme that I thought you might enjoy.


Thank God for Justice Thomas, who is the true leader of the SCOTUS, and also for President Trump and his three SCOTUS nominees, whom he picked, knowing full well they would overturn Roe v Wade.


This is Trump’s legacy, and thanks to him, a terrible stain has been washed away from our country… and all of this happened on Joe Biden’s (fraudulent) watch, which is a silver lining to his sham “presidency.”

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