[VIDEO] Turkish President Looks Visibly Annoyed As Biden Bungles Once Again

[VIDEO] Turkish President Looks Visibly Annoyed As Biden Bungles Once Again

I don’t think you’ll find a world leader who looks more visibly annoyed by Joe Biden’s senility than the President of Turkey looked today at the NATO Summit in Madrid.


Biden sat down next to the Turkish President and began trying to introduce him, and of course, that went all wrong.

Nothing Joe Biden does goes right. I think we’re all understanding that by now.

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As Biden is trying to make the intro, he’s telling the president it’s good to see him again, and the guy’s face looks like stone.

He doesn’t at all look happy to see Joe, that’s for sure.

And then Joe stops and randomly yells out, “ARE WE READY?”

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What a bumbling idiot this guy is…

If you look at the Turkish President’s face, you can see how visibly annoyed he appears to be, and honestly, I don’t blame him.


You can watch the video below:

My favorite part is when he puts his hands up as if to say “Enough, go away, Joe!”

Here’s what people online are saying: 

“Oh my… Well it could have been worse. Or not.”

“Is it just me, or does the president of Turkey look really irked?” 

“Why do they let this guy out of his bedroom? Just lock him in there for 3 years. Everyone will understand why” 

“Another daily Biden embarrassment”

“I don’t know that president’s name, but I can feel his pain. he’s cringing really hard” 

“Probably got his name wrong 4 times before the camera was on.”

“Dementia Joe”

“The Turkish president looks positively pissed off to be playing along with this sham” 

I am sure it’s difficult for these world leaders to play along and pretend Biden is perfectly fine.


Some do it better than others… this guy here appears to not be interested in playing the game at all.

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