After Biden Fell Off His Bike Sunday, He Just Woke Up To Another Massive Headache On Monday

After Biden Fell Off His Bike Sunday, He Just Woke Up To Another Massive Headache On Monday

Good morning, Joe.


Well, I am assuming he’s awake. It’s 11:30 am. Maybe it’s still too early for the old guy?

Anyway, when Joe wakes up, he’s bound to be in some pain.

After all, he fell off his bike yesterday, when it was completely still and not in any motion whatsoever.

Joe couldn’t get his foot out of the peddle, likely because his motor skills are shot — and he went down like a sack of hammers

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He went down hard, so I’m guessing he’s feeling the pain today… that’s probably why he has nothing on his schedule.

Mr. “Fit and Agile” needs to recoup after being so “fit and agile.”

But those aches and pains and that headache won’t hurt nearly as bad as what else is coming…

Joe has a nice surprise waiting for him when he wakes up, and once he sees it, he’ll want someone to put him back into his crib.

A new poll has come out, and Joe Biden’s approval has gone even lower…

Breitbart reported that Joe Biden’s approval rating is down to the lowest in his presidency, at only 32 percent approval and 57 percent disapproval, according to the CIVIQS rolling job-approval average as of Saturday.

While 11 percent of survey participants did not approve or disapprove, Biden’s approval rating is underwater in 48 states, including the typically dark blue California and his home state of Delaware. The only two states in which he is above water are Hawaii and Vermont.

Overall, Biden has a net approval of negative 25.

The 32 percent approval rating marks Biden’s worst approval rating since becoming president, down from 33 percent in earlier June and 34 percent in May. Biden’s lowest-ever approval rating was from Quinnipiac polling on June 8, when he was at 33 percent.

Of course, we all know that number is actually much lower.

I saw a poll today that had Biden at 28 percent approval.


Realistically, I think he’s around 15-19 percent.

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