Well, We Now Know The “Mastermind” Behind New Insane Plan to “Raise Biden’s Poll Numbers” LOL

Well, We Now Know The “Mastermind” Behind New Insane Plan to “Raise Biden’s Poll Numbers” LOL

Say this with me, and say it REALLY LOUD for the liberals in the back who can’t seem to see or hear anything in life:





I know the left and the media hacks desperately want to pretend that Joe Biden doesn’t look and sound like he has a raging case of Alzheimer’s, but he does, and pretending it doesn’t exist is actually making matters worse.

A new report by Politico explains how Biden is now “seething mad” over his low approvals.

Apparently, he’s livid beyond belief that he’s lower than President Trump was… and that is quite a feat because the left-leaning media polls were rigged against President Trump, and the fake news media was pushing a phony Russia Hoax, and attacking Trump 24/7.

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The president has expressed exasperation that his poll numbers have sunk below those of Donald Trump, whom Biden routinely refers to in private as “the worst president” in history and an existential threat to the nation’s democracy.

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Meanwhile, Biden is treated with kid gloves and asked about his favorite ice cream flavor and everyone in the media is running cover for him, because they all have TDS and voted for Slow Joe.

So, yeah, it is pretty remarkable that those same left-leaning polls have Biden polling under President Trump when you factor all that other stuff in.

Imagine how low his numbers actually are…

So, Biden is apparently “spitting fire” over this, even after he told all of us he doesn’t pay attention to polls… yet another lie, I suppose.

Biden can’t do anything right, and while I understand that he’s not the guy calling all the shots, he’s still the ‘face” of this gong show, and what a messy face it is.

Far more prone to salty language behind the scenes than popularly known, Biden also recently erupted over being kept out of the loop about the direness of the baby formula shortage that has gripped parts of the country, according to a White House staffer and a Democrat with knowledge of the conversation. He voiced his frustration in a series of phone calls to allies, his complaints triggered by heart-wrenching cable news coverage of young mothers crying in fear that they could not feed their children.

Biden didn’t want to be painted as slow to act on a problem affecting the working-class people with whom he closely identifies. Therefore, when aides convened a meeting with formula company executives, the president — against the advice of staffers — publicly declared it took weeks before details of the shortage had reached him, even though the whistleblower complaint that led to the shutdown of a major production facility was issued months ago. Some aides feared the moment made Biden look out of touch, especially after the CEOs in the very same meeting made clear that warnings of the shortage were known for some time.

The man can’t speak. He’s stumbling, stammering, and forgetting everything along the way and the American people see it every single day.

His “gaffes” are not cute anymore.

They’re actually national security risks… and have you actually seen Biden? He talks like he’s moving through 1000 pounds of mud, and he looks like he’s 123-years-old.

This is the frailest, most fragile-looking man, ever.

He reminds most Americans of every confused, elderly friend or relative they’ve ever had… and it’s disturbing beyond belief.

Would you allow Joe Biden to babysit your kids? If you say “yes,” you need to have your head examined.

So, what is the Handler’s solution to fix this mess?


Well, they’re going to put Mr. Magoo out there MORE and have him “talk” (using that term loosely) to the American people, like only he can.

I swear to gawd, these people still think this is 1992, and Joe’s in his “prime” bullsh*tting mode.

The plan is to put Biden on the road to highlight progress being made, even incrementally, in meeting the series of tests, with visits this week to California, where he will preside over a summit of Western Hemisphere allies, as well as New Mexico to push for his climate agenda. The administration will also set aside its reluctance to work with “a pariah” nation with hopes to spur oil production. And it plans to sharpen its attacks on Republicans, aiming to paint the GOP as out-of-touch with mainstream America on issues like gun safety and abortion, all while hoping the upcoming Jan. 6 congressional hearings will further color the party as too extremist and dangerous to return to power.

But the biggest question is, WHO on earth is making these decisions? Which Handlers actually believe the American people need to see MORE of Joe Biden?


Members of Biden’s inner circle, including first lady Jill Biden and the president’s sister, Valerie Biden Owens, have complained that West Wing staff has managed Biden with kid gloves, not putting him on the road more or allowing him to flash more of his genuine, relatable, albeit gaffe-prone self. One person close to the president pushed for more “let Biden be Biden” moments, with the president himself complaining he does not get to interact enough with voters. The White House has pointed to both security and Covid concerns in restricting the travel of the 79-year-old president.

Okay, so now we know, it’s Joe’s crazy sister Valerie, who used to be his campaign manager back when horse and buggies were still a thing, and his fake “doctor” wife who are calling the shots here and want to get Joe back out on the road.

This really explains everything… it just made this entire circus make perfect sense.

Besides the fact that Joe Biden has oatmeal for breakfast and brains, the other big problem his admin has is that it’s run by two factors:

  1. Hysterical and neurotic Millennials
  2. Political female dinosaurs like Valerie and Jill Biden

It’s a complete and total disaster… and Biden, much like the entire Democrat Party, has NOTHING in common with the working class anymore.

Dems are now the party of the white liberal elites, pushing the “Green New Garbage” agenda, that only rich progressives can afford.

For me, I hope Val and Jill go through with this and get Joe out there a heck of a lot more, because nothing makes me happier than watching this buffoon bumble and shuffle his way across the country, reminding Americans what a disaster he is, just a few months before midterms.


Please do that, Valerie and Jill… please.

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