[VIDEO] O’Reilly Says The Entire U.S. Unraveled Very Quickly When Biden Made One Simple Move

[VIDEO] O’Reilly Says The Entire U.S. Unraveled Very Quickly When Biden Made One Simple Move

There’s a lot of talk about Biden being a puppet and he’s not the one running the show, and while I do agree with a lot of that since Joe Biden’s got oatmeal for brains, I think he’s more “on board” than most of us might realize.


And by “on board” I mean that he’s all-in on the left’s Green New Deal nonsense… Look, for his entire career, Biden has sold himself to the American people as this average middle-class politician who accidentally stumbled into Congress.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth… Biden is an elitist and always has been, and his “Blue Collar Uncle Joe” persona was a lie. Joe Biden has been a globalist his entire political life and has been a fervent supporter of the “New World Order.”

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So, while there may be bigger names and better brains pulling the strings, Joe Biden is a willing participant in the destruction of the United States.

Because see, these globalists believe that in order to implement the New World Order, the old world order must be destroyed, and if it hurts or destroys Americans in the process, so be it, the ends always justify the means, for these ghouls.

Think about it like this — if you have to unleash a virus and kill a few million people in order to rid the planet of an “orange monster,” it’s worth it.

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That’s the price you’ve got to pay for progress.

And that is how these nutbags think…

So, yes, I do believe that everything Joe and his handlers are doing is to destroy the “old world order,” and they hope you don’t notice, and will blame it on Putin, or COVID, or some guy named Larry — anybody but Joe.

But as Bill O’Reilly so brilliantly points out, it’s all Joe — or Joe’s people, who are destroying everything they touch… and it’s happening so fast, you can hardly keep up. And that’s why I love this clip, because unlike a lot of other pundits, Bill drills down to the key move Biden made to begin the destruction of America…

It was energy.


That was the pivotal moment… and he started there and ended our energy independence because you can’t have the Green New Deal when the country is strong and soaring with fossil fuels.

You can watch the video below:

I know some of you will see this and think “well, duh, of course, that’s what he’s doing…” And That’s good that you realize it, but there are A LOT of people out there who don’t trace it back to that one move he made to cancel Trump’s energy plan.

It was so simple and so easy for Joe to wipe out America, and it shouldn’t be that way.


Joe Biden and his Handlers plan to gut America and rebuild it with the Green New Deal… That’s their plan, and God help anyone who gets in their way.

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