New Move Proves CNN’s New Bosses Want Trump Supporters to Start Tuning In…

New Move Proves CNN’s New Bosses Want Trump Supporters to Start Tuning In…

As you know, CNN is under new leadership.


The TDS-plagued loser, Jeff Zucker, who ran the network into the ground during the Trump era, was recently ousted, and the new folks are trying to change the public’s perception of CNN as the king of “fake news.”

They’ve vowed to revamp the network and bring them back to their “fair reporting” days, free of all the sensationalized Trump hate.

So far, it’s kinda working.

Now, I’m not saying CNN is the new face of fair news or anything like that, but I will say I’ve noticed some changes and this latest move that CNN’s new boss made is a doozy and it’s his biggest move to ingratiate the network to Trump supporters.

Daily Mail UK reported that CNN’s new boss Chris Licht has ordered staff to stop using the phrase ‘the big lie’ to describe Donald Trump’s 2020 election fraud claims, as it’s a Democrat slogan.

The wording is a popular one for the network. According to Mediaite, the phrase has been said 168 times in the first half of June alone.

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Hosts like Reliable Sources’ Brian Stelter are often fond of the phrase to the point where they use it prominently in graphic packages and chyrons.

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But Licht has ordered Stelter and other journalists to stop, and has suggested ‘Trump’s election lie’ or ‘election lie’ as possible replacements.

He issued the edict days after warning staff over their incessant use of ‘BREAKING NEWS’ graphics on stories, which he said was melodramatic, and ultimately diluted the power of big stories when they did break.

Licht was asked to opine on the term during a conference call Tuesday with the network’s management and the producers of various shows.

He allegedly said that he preferred staff avoid it, though was clear in saying that this was not mandatory.


A source said that Licht believes the specific phrasing of ‘the big lie’ – a reference to Hitler’s Nazi propaganda efforts during the Third Reich – is a Democratic Party talking point.

CNN has come under fire for moving away from its well-respected news coverage towards dreary opinion programming, where hosts on seven and eight-figure salaries parrot woke talking points.

Licht is also said to be keen to move the well-resourced network back towards neutral news coverage, with CNN hailed over its coverage of the Ukraine war and other big international news stories.

CNN employees have suggested that the demand to stop saying the big lie was not met happily by people within the Atlanta-based network.

Other reports claim that Acosta, Lemon, and Stelter were recently put “on notice “and told to ditch the anti-Trump garbage, or they’d be looking for another job.


Personally, I don’t think CNN can actually change their image with those 3 clowns on the payroll.

Too much damage has already been done and those three stooges need to go if CNN seriously wants to move past its cruddy reputation.

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