Warren Sapp is Reporting That Colin Kaepernick’s Recent NFL Tryout Was a Complete and Total Disaster

Warren Sapp is Reporting That Colin Kaepernick’s Recent NFL Tryout Was a Complete and Total Disaster

It’s still unclear why Colin Kaepernick wants to return to the NFL so badly.

It’s like an obsession. 

The last thing he said about playing for the NFL was that he was treated like a “slave.”


A slave that’s paid millions of dollars to kneel during the anthem, huh?

But the real question is: why would somebody want to go back to being a s0-called “slave”?

Of course, no reporter has bothered to ask Kaepernick that million-dollar question…

So, Colin has kept on his quest to get back into the NFL

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For a while, Colin was thought to be too toxic to return to the NFL because of his “anti-American” stunts and support for the Marxist grifters over at BLM.

But of course, as these corporations and organizations get more and more “woke,” all bets are off, and they’re now entertaining the idea of bringing Colin back.

Or are they?

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The Raiders are the first team to show some real interest, and Colin held a workout for some key folks in the organization a few weeks back on May 27th, and we’re now hearing that it was an unmitigated disaster.

Outkick reported that interviewed by VLAD TV, Warren Sapp claims to have heard a great deal about the former quarterback’s performance at a workout in front of the Raiders on May 27th. Sapp did not mince words, “I heard it was a disaster, I heard one of the worst workouts ever.” and that was just the beginning:



Kaepernick Worked in front of a small group of people that included Raider head coach Josh McDaniel and general manager Dave Ziegler. No video of the workout came out at any time after it occurred. Sapp gave no indication where he heard what he heard, or who he heard it from.

There were numerous reports on every sport site, that surfaced after the work out. None said that he did enough to get an invite to camp, but most reported there were positive signs, and this would most likely lead to some interest from other NFL teams. It is interesting that after that workout, no other team has invited him in for a look or has publicly shown interest in him visiting with any clubs.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“So happy to hear his workout was a disaster (anyone with logic could of told you that)”

“Kap sued the NFL and won. He needs to go away and protest for whatever cause he’s into, lord knows he’s got the money. The league and owners are playing him. He’s not going to get in.”

“Thank you Warren Sapp for being honest about Kaepernick. They gave CK a workout because owner Mark Davis put his coaching staff and GM in a position they had to. They won’t sign him, believe me. If they do, he’ll be on the sideline “put me in coach” “put me in coach””

“The bottom line is anybody who can remember even in his prime was just medicore quarterback and can’t have cake and eat to”

“He’s been out of the league a while. Kap got a pity workout. He’s done as a player.”

Kaepernick isn’t a spring chicken anymore.

He’s now 34 years old and hasn’t played in an NFL game since 2016.

That’s a lot of years…


And the reason Colin was benched back in the day was because he wasn’t very good at his job.

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