32-Year-Old Comedian Dies Suddenly In His Sleep

32-Year-Old Comedian Dies Suddenly In His Sleep

Have you ever seen so many young people die suddenly?


It’s happening everywhere — and the scary part is that these are the stories we hear about because it’s “famous” people… Just imagine how many regular folks this is happening to.

Just last week I did stories about a young bride who died in her sleep the night before her wedding, a teenager who died in her sleep, a young actor who died in his sleep, an actor in his 50s who died in his sleep, several young athletes, and the list goes on…

What’s happening?

It’s gotten so bad many are calling this “SADS,” or  “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.”

Does anyone care to look into this and see what might be causing these “sleeping deaths,” or check and see if there’s anything in common with these sudden deaths?

I mean, this is insane…

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And now, I have another story to share with you… this time it’s a 32-year-old comedian who died suddenly in his sleep.

Deadline reported that Canadian-born comedian Nick Nemeroff passed away suddenly on Monday at age 32. His family and agency announced the news late Monday. No cause of death has been given.

Nemeroff, who made appearances on Conan and performed at Just for Laughs in Montreal, was a Juno Award nominee in 2021 for his comedy album, The Pursuit of Comedy Has Ruined My Life.

He was also part of CBC Gem’s The New Wave of Standup, and was most recently seen on CTV Comedy’s Roast Battle Canada.

Raised in Montreal-West, Nemeroff attended the Royal West Academy and went on to graduate from the Radio and Television program at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly known as Ryerson).


His family wrote, “Nick’s dedication to stand-up comedy was admirable and produced amazing results. He performed on Conan before the age of 30 and was featured in multiple TV tapings, most recently, CTV’s Roast Battle Canada. He drew acclaim in Canada and the US, becoming both a ‘comic’s comic’ and a hit with crowds who were enamoured by his unique cadence, labyrinthine deadpan, and fresh take on misdirection-driven comedy… Endlessly sweet, supportive of others, humble about his many skills and achievements, Nick Nemeroff lived his life doing what he loved, and that is how he will be remembered.”

The family is asking that people make donations to Planned Parenthood in lieu of flowers.

How sad…


Celebrating this poor man’s short life by supporting death.

Canada’s CBC News reported that his manager, Morgan Flood of Grand Wave Entertainment, is the one that confirmed that Nemeroff “died in his sleep.”

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