[VIDEO] Here’s a Little Secret: This “Crazy Liberal” is Actually an Undercover Conservative Working For Our Side

[VIDEO] Here’s a Little Secret: This “Crazy Liberal” is Actually an Undercover Conservative Working For Our Side

The cat’s outta the bag, so you might as well know the secret.


Dinesh told everyone already, so I’m not giving it away, he already did…

But you’ve probably seen this “crazy liberal” guy on your timeline. He kind looks like Beto Jr. and he’s always going CRAZY over issues, like really theatrical and bonkers.

His name is Dash Dobrofsky and he’s as zany and crazy as any other liberal out there, so there’s no reason you’d think he was a parody account.

I’ve seen him many times online and I’ve even watched some of his clips, and I thought to myself, “My God, these liberals are nuts…” and moved on.

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But it turns out he’s actually one of us… he’s just mocking the left, and it’s fantastic because he’s so over the top and it just goes to prove how outlandish and unserious these nutbag liberals have gotten.

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People can’t tell he’s a parody.

Mission accomplished!

But Dinesh outed him…so the jig is sorta up.

Dinesh posted one of Dash’s recent Roe v Wade rants, with this message: “Guys, I gotta let you in on a secret. Dash is on OUR side. His shtick—and an effective one it is—is to pretend to be unhinged leftist, mess up his hair, and act all crazy. Just to make leftists look totally deranged. It’s working. Great job, Dash! See you at CPAC this year”


Well, Dash doesn’t have to make leftists look “deranged,” they’re doing a fine job of that on their own, but it’s awesome that he’s helping to fuel that crazy train, because normal Americans are watching all of this, and getting really, really turned off by the radical left.

It’s just amazing to me how far gone the Dems are.

This is what happens when you give fringe radicals a place at the table and tell them they can order whatever they want off the menu. Pretty soon, they’ll take everything over, and they’ll be the ones calling the shots, and that’s exactly what you’re seeing happen now within the Dem Party… and sadly, it’s bleeding into regular life in America, as well.


Just because the Dems allowed these mentally sick nutjobs to sit at the table, doesn’t mean we have to.

Reject this craziness. It’s dangerous and will destroy this country.

The Dems want to turn the United States into “Portland,” where the weirdos run the show.

No, thank you.

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