[VIDEO] President Trump’s Former Speechwriter Just Shared a Jan 6 Clip That’ll Have Kinzinger Crying AGAIN

[VIDEO] President Trump’s Former Speechwriter Just Shared a Jan 6 Clip That’ll Have Kinzinger Crying AGAIN

As you likely know by now, the Dems and RINOs are getting ready to put on their big “J6 Prime-Time” show.


It’s a complete joke, and it will NOT move the needle one iota to help them in the midterms — as a matter of fact, it could do the exact opposite and make matters worse for Dems.

Why you ask?

Well, when you have Americans struggling to make ends meet, put food on the table, pay for gas, or buy baby formula, and the ONLY thing Dems seem to care about is January 6th, and Chuck Schumer’s stolen fax machine, it really puts things into proper perspective, doesn’t it?

I think Jim Jordan put it best:

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“When’s the primetime hearing on record crime in Democrat-run cities?”

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And this doozy:

“When’s the primetime hearing on baby formula shortages?”

Oh, and let’s not forget the ghastly gas prices:

“When’s the primetime hearing on $5 per gallon gas?”

But you won’t see any of that on TV, because Democrats hate the middle-class and actually enjoy making you miserable.

But it’s not just Dems, it’s RINOs too.

Traitor globalists like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are working side-by-side with Dems to destroy MAGA and the entire America First Movement.

As a matter of fact, Adam Kinzinger is the guy who’s been out there defending suspected fed-informant Ray Epps. You remember him, right? He’s the guy who can be seen inciting all sorts of “insurrectionary” stuff on January 5th and 6th, but this guy has never been arrested.

Well, today, Darren Beattie, who was President Trump’s former speechwriter and the man who runs Revolver News, just shared a short, but extremely powerful clip of Ray Epps that is sure to have little Adam Kinzinger crying all over again.


Here’s what Darren said: “This is the only Jan 6 participant Adam Kinzinger will defend! Still not arrested…”

It’s one of the most damning one minute and 28 seconds you’ll ever see:

Here’s what folks online are saying:

“January 6th was a false flag”

“This was all planned” 

“The people in that crowd were brave patriots and they knew Epps was a fed” 

“Why was a leading Republican candidate for Governor just raided by the FBI and arrested for “gesturing” near the Capitol on January 6 (he never actually entered the building), and yet Ray Epps walks free?!?!”

“That’s Ray Epps how come he’s not in jail? It was a inside job and the American people knows it! “

“This is called a political hit job, and everyone can see it” 

“Is that Ray Epps? Inciting the January 6 Riot ? The night before ? PLANNED”

“This guy needs to be charged with inciting a riot.”

“Federal government raids federal building and federal media says you should have fewer rights.”

“Is Ray Epps going to be on the tv farce tonight @FBI or is he on leave in an undisclosed location ? See something Say Something…your words!”

We have non-violent J6 political prisoners still in solitary confinement, but this guy is walking around free as a bird…


And the feds and the Biden regime wonder why we don’t believe a damn word they say?

President Trump put it best today in this post on Truth:

January 6th was an amazing moment when patriots came together.

It’s a shame that bad actors like Ray Epps and others took advantage of that and caused chaos and violence.

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