WHOOPS! David Hogg Accidentally Promotes MAGA in New Tweet and Gets Mocked LOL

WHOOPS! David Hogg Accidentally Promotes MAGA in New Tweet and Gets Mocked LOL

David Hogg is not the brightest person on earth… he’s actually a big dummy, and he’s going to Harvard… not because he’s smart, but because he’s a professional actor, whoops, I mean activist.


We really haven’t heard that much from Hogg Beast in a while. He’s been laying pretty low.

But right on cue, whenever there’s a school shooting, David goes Hogg Wild.

So, he’s back and preaching his gun control nonsense… Hogg was at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when Nikolas Cruz opened fire. He was not near the actual shooting, but he was on campus, so he’s a gun expert, apparently.

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But David is out of practice, and his online activism is suffering.

Instead of making a big, dramatic “gun control” point, Hogg Beast accidentally pushed the MAGA agenda.

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It sounds to most like David Hogg is finally ready to BUILD THAT WALL!!

Here’s what he said online: “Non-Americans should not come here until our country does some thing about gun safety. Your kids are not safe here and neither are you. Please request that your government put out a travel advisory to your citizens telling them it is not safe for citizens to visit the US”


And trust me, everyone pointed out David’s new MAGA agenda:

“Great points. Time to build a wall – to protect others from this country.”

“David Hogg is advocating for a wall. Progress!”

“Oh wow, I agree. Tell the other countries to stay the hell out. Whatever gets the job done. Tell them we are all cannibals as far as I care.”

“First good idea this POS has ever had”

“Well sh*t. A tiny glitch in the matrix. I agree with David Hogg!” 

“Did he just advocate for border control?”

“The Hogg coming in hot with the zenophobic takes today.”

“David Hogg psyops himself into becoming based”

“Time to build a wall to protect the world from the U.S.”

“David’s gonna get a call from Joe Biden telling him to “STFU your going against or plan to ruin America!!!!””

“To protect would-be immigrants from American guns, Biden should build a Wall of Compassion along our southern border.”

“Bold anti-immigration stance here. Yikes.”

“BREAKING: David Hogg wants moratorium on illegal immigration”


David Hogg doesn’t realize that most of this country’s violence is happening in liberal-run cities like Chicago, which, by the way, have the strictest gun control.

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