Kathy Griffin Gets Absolutely Annihilated For Calling Johnny Depp a “Bloated Booze Bag”

Kathy Griffin Gets Absolutely Annihilated For Calling Johnny Depp a “Bloated Booze Bag”

Kathy Griffin is in no shape to be calling out anybody on earth for their looks, okay?


This woman could scare children and adults on Halloween, with or without a mask, if you catch my drift.

But of course, that didn’t stop her from attacking Johnny Depp, right after he won his defamation case against #MeToo liar, Amber Heard.

And of course, somebody like Kathy Griffin supports a lying grifter like Amber Heard…seems fitting.

Griffin, who suffers from Stage 5 TDS, also tried slamming President Trump by saying Depp looks like Trump with a ponytail.

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WOW, I think that’s awesome! Captain Donald Sparrow… Has a ring to it.

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I guess she thinks looking like Joe the Crypt Keeper is better, eh?

Here’s what Griffin said:

The responses to Kathy were pretty brutal and included lots of pictures:

“Mmhmmm, brave of her.”


“Here ya go! Taken last night and today. More beautiful than ever! Bet you won’t look 1/100th this good at that age.”



“I used to like her. I ignore Hollywood & their political beliefs anyways & even though I didn’t agree with that picture with the severed head of Trump, I still gave her the benefit of the doubt. But make fun of not only Johnny’s looks but Sarah Huckabee for no reason, I just think she’s nasty”

“For being 58 I think JD looks pretty damn good! And KG sure is one to talk picking on someone for their looks”

“Kathy, when you look like Carrot Top, you probably shouldn’t talk about how other people look”


“When someone starts attacking someone’s looks you know they are grasping at straws!”

“Kathy Griffin thinks THIS is fat? Is she fat-shaming fit people, now?”


“Stay bitter you hateful old crone, just cos a man, finally got justice against his abuser. JD and his kids, can live happily in peace, without that shitty burden on their backs.”

“You are as ugly on the inside as you are on the outside”

Yeah, Kathy, your pal Amber is a real beauty in every picture, too LOL”


“He looks pretty damn good to me, Kathy. Hell of a lot better than you look.”


“Body shaming? Really? What his look has anything to do with the trial? Are you 4 years old?”

“Yeah, he really looks bloated and bad, you blind old prune”


“I hate to say this Kathy, but Trump looks a helluva lot better than you do, too.”

When will Kathy learn to keep her big, angry yap shut?

Probably never. 


She’s in that pathetic phase of her downhill career, where she’ll take any crumb of attention, no matter how foolish she ends up looking.

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