Watch: MSNBC Host Says This Clip is “Proof” DeSantis is Trying to “Take Over” Trump’s Entire Personality

Watch: MSNBC Host Says This Clip is “Proof” DeSantis is Trying to “Take Over” Trump’s Entire Personality

The media loves to hate Trump and they also love to hate DeSantis, who is a lot like President Trump.


He’s bold and unafraid, and he’s willing to take on the Regime.

This makes him very dangerous to the left, so they attack him.

Truth be told, most liberals also suffer from DDS, which is DeSantis Derangement Syndrome, very similar to TDS, which we all know is terminal.

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The media and liberals obsess on DeSantis as well, not the same way they do with Trump, but it’s still creepy and unhealthy.

Case in point…

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One MSNBC host thinks he’s uncovered something pretty mind-blowing.

He believes the clip he shared on Twitter is all the proof needed to show that Governor DeSantis is taking over President Trump’s entire persona, right down to the hand movements.

Good grief… these liberals miss Trump so much, they’re trying to invent a “new one.”


You can watch the video below:

President Trump and Governor DeSantis are friends, no matter how much the liars in the media want to make it seem otherwise.

They are very strong political allies as well, and Governor DeSantis has modeled his political beliefs upon the America First movement, so of course, he’s like President Trump in many ways.

The bottom line is this: if President Trump wants to run for the White House, it’s his nomination.


If he doesn’t, whomever he backs will win the nomination.



So, the media and the GOP establishment, who are working overtime to fracture the MAGA base by backing DeSantis, are wasting their time and energy.

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