Dinesh D’Souza Shows Off His New “Pride T-Shirt” And You’re Gonna Love It LOL

Dinesh D’Souza Shows Off His New “Pride T-Shirt” And You’re Gonna Love It LOL

Well, it’s that time of the year again, when everybody must stop what they’re doing and worship the most “marginalized” and “discriminated” group in the country by attending parades, and parties, watching non-stop shows and documentaries, and purchasing a plethora of rainbow-themed products.


It’s Pride Month… and if you don’t celebrate someone else’s sex life, you’re a bigot.

That’s the way it’s presented, anyway…

But sorry folks, I don’t celebrate anybody’s lifestyle — I don’t care who they are, I am not “celebrating” them… and they can call me all the names in the world; it won’t impact me in the least.

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What I do think is weird, is how we’re still pretending that it’s “stunning and brave” to come out as LGBTQLMNOP… If you ask me, there’s nothing stunning and brave about “coming out” when the entire country is forced to “celebrate” you for a month. That sounds to me like you’re really accepted and don’t have a lot to worry about.

Me announcing I am a “Trump supporter” would be a heck of a lot more difficult and dangerous, to be honest.

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But since everyone’s celebrating this month, filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza decided to get in on the Pride fun with his own cool attire.

Dinesh was all smiles in a recent pic he took decked out in his “Pride” shirt, which I have a feeling you’re gonna love.

The shirt reads Proud Member of the LGBFJB community.


Oh, now there’s a movement I can get on board with…

Of course, the LGB and FJB are references to “Let’s Go Brandon” and “F**k Joe Biden,” to phrases that have come to define Joe Biden’s pathetic and phony so-called “presidency.”


And if you wanna get the shirt, you can go here and pick out your favorite PRIDE look.

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