Don Jr Reveals The Exact “Game” J6 Committee is Playing Right Now With Their Phony “Star Witness”

Don Jr Reveals The Exact “Game” J6 Committee is Playing Right Now With Their Phony “Star Witness”

I am seeing so many people say they’re totally confused over why the J6 committee didn’t properly “vet” their star witness before having her testify.


As you likely know by now, the dramatic “choking secret service/hijacking presidential limo” story that Cassidy Hutchinson told under oath was a lie.

Everybody and their brother have stepped forward to debunk what Cassidy said, including the guy who supposedly told her the cockamamie story and Secret Service says the two agents in the car also said that it never happened.

So, many Americans on the right and left are watching this dumpster fire unfold, and they can’t figure out what happened and why the J6 committee wouldn’t investigate and verify before putting this lying woman on the “stand.”

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Well, first off, that type of thinking is far too “logical” for something like this.

You have to remember that these people involved have Stage 5 TDS and are scared to death of President Trump, so nothing they do is normal or logical.

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The point is this — they didn’t care if this story was true or false. All they wanted was to get the story out there.

They needed a BIG headline, and they got one.

The media pushed this nonsense for hours before it was debunked, but that’s all the J6 sham needed… Just a few hours of sensational headlines.

And nobody understands that better than Don Jr. who called out the “game” these vultures are playing.


Here’s what Don Jr. said: “They totally don’t want to hear from multiple federal law enforcement officers who were ACTUAL witnesses to the hearsay their coffee getter/star witness seemingly made up. Why would they want to hear from the people who are actually there when they have this wonderful narrative?”

Just remember, whatever happens now to the J6 committee doesn’t matter to them… they got what they think they needed.

It’s kinda like the “Very Fine People” hoax… it never happened, but so many people think it did, even though it’s been debunked repeatedly.

It’s now an “urban legend,” and the foundation for why so many people honestly believe Trump is a “racist.”

That situation worked for the left, so they tried it again with the J6 story.


But I don’t think they’re going to have the same success this time.

We’ll see how this plays out, but I have a feeling it’s going to backfire epically.

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