[VIDEO] Drag Queen is Repulsed By Liberal Parents Who Allow Kids Near This Lifestyle

[VIDEO] Drag Queen is Repulsed By Liberal Parents Who Allow Kids Near This Lifestyle

Drag queen Kitty Demure can’t fathom why on earth liberal parents are subjecting their kids to the “drag queen lifestyle.”


Kitty explains what really goes on at these drag shows… and it’s no place for kids, and beyond that, Kitty says it’s not a “culture” that parents should want their kids to be a part of or look up to.

So, why are liberal parents so eager to push their kids into this sexualized subculture?

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Well, one reason is virtue signaling.

Parents are using their innocent kids as accessories in their “WOKE” world, and signaling to other left-wing parents how “tolerant and progressive” they are. They do the same thing with their “Trump hate,” masks, and the vaccine.

Everything is virtue signaling and theatre to these lunatics… and yes, they will use their kids as sacrificial lambs on the progressive altar if it makes THEM look good. If you ask me, it’s a form of Munchausen Syndrome and it’s destroying kids.

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And speaking of innocent kids, Kitty doesn’t understand this obsession these parents have with exposing their kids to this sexual lifestyle.

Kitty says at these shows there’s a lot of nudity, sex, drugs, and other perversions that happen on stage and behind the scenes and it’s no place for kids to be.


These are not “heroes” kids should be looking up to…so, why on earth do liberal parents have so much “respect” for drag queens? What have they done as a group to earn this unwavering respect and the honor of molding kids’ minds?

Just because they’re gay or promote a gay lifestyle? That’s it? That’s all it takes?

Good lord…

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“I have performed as a GOGO boy for hundreds of drag shows. They are 100% ADULT ENTERTAINMENT & the last place any child should be.”

“Thank you!!!! If there were a heterosexual month I wouldn’t want strippers dancing or reading to my kids. Same thing goes for pride month!”

“See this i can agree with.. this person can live their life the way they want and not try to prey or intimidate others”

“If more LGBTQ spoke like this, I would stop calling them pedos. Sadly as is I think this person is rare in their world.”

“Damn…he nailed it. More of them need to speak up!!!”

“Indeed, burlesque shows are not for children. May commonsense continue to prevail in all communities.”

“Wow I don’t usually agree or say this about drag Queens but I have respect for that man saying it how it is !!!!”

“These parents are vastly more concerned about appearing woke and upping their liberal cred by bragging about this at their next little cocktail soiree than they are about what detrimental effect it may have on their children. These are the type of parents who will pressure their kids into transitioning at an early age just to impress their friends with their wokeness. It’s all about them, not their children.”

“Thank you, I’m pleased to hear someone from gay community speak up.”

“It makes me sick that this is all about the parents and not their children. They think it makes them hip, edgy and accepted by “popular culture”. And their kids’ mental health and welfare take a backseat to their selfish needs.”


As Kitty correctly stated, we wouldn’t take our kids to strip joints and sit down and watch porn with them, so why on earth is society okay with subjecting them to drag queens, whose culture also revolves around sex and drugs?

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