In Just 36-Seconds, Finance Guy Shows His Proof That We’re in a “Recession” and “Depression” is Next

In Just 36-Seconds, Finance Guy Shows His Proof That We’re in a “Recession” and “Depression” is Next

The economy is about ready to just implode.


The Markets are flailing, and we’re *this close” to the massive layoffs happening.

How truly bad are things? Well, a new report shows that producer prices spiked 10.8% from last year, remaining close to the highest levels on record.

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What does that mean to you?

Well, CNBC said that Bidenflation is nowhere close to getting under control.

In fact, as CNBC’s Steve Liesman said that today’s report shows we still have “a big” inflation problem up the pipeline.

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It’s going to get a lot worse.

And a fact made more concerning after consumer price hikes recently showed inflation is speeding up.

It’s part of what makes the Biden White House’s response to inflation so completely delusional–it would be laughable if it was not so sad, scary, and dangerous.

They actually think his policies have put this country in a position to fight inflation (Economists don’t agree).



Many experts are predicting a recession within a year or so.

But one financial expert says we WISH we were getting a recession — that’d be a welcomed compared to the depression we’re going to face.


@sam_jarmanFree money over the last two years has consequences.♬ original sound – Sam Jarman

Here’s what people online are saying:

“This is why they say we are in uncharted waters. We are already in a recession but they aren’t cutting rates they are raising rates. 😳”

“but here’s the funny part most Americans won’t believe it until we are paying $10 for gas and house is cost a trillion dollars”

“Welp. Guess I better stop eating avocado toast now…”

“Now government will go into war to get out of this Great Depression”

“I hate that we are going to find out the hard way that many have been right for the last year or so. Hang on tight, we are on for a ride.”

“I love how none of this is the working mans fault. but now it’s somehow our problem now. for the love of god if we could all just stop paying taxes..”

“fake elections have consequences”

“can’t “build back better” when something is already built. gotta destroy and crash everything to build back better. they know what they’re doing.”

This is scary, and what makes matters even more terrifying is that we have a clueless Alzheimer’s patient pretending to run the show.


I can’t think of a more frightening time to be an American middle-class citizen, than under the fraudulent rule of Joe Biden’s communist regime.

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