[VIDEO] Right On Cue: They’re Trotting Out Dr. Doom Just Before Midterms

[VIDEO] Right On Cue: They’re Trotting Out Dr. Doom Just Before Midterms

Just in time for the upcoming midterms, the left is dragging out their favorite lackey to do their bidding.


In a recent interview, Fauci is sounding the alarm yet again on COVID, stating we all need to be wearing (useless) masks indoors, even though the “U.S. and the U.K., are just worn out and tired.”

That’s right, a full two years after this entire debacle started, Fauci is continuing to beat this old, dead horse.

Gotta get people ready for the mail-in ballots that Dems need for 2022, right?

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Watch the video:

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Who is still buying this junk?

Well, according to comments on social media, not many people are…

Here’s what they’re saying:

“Never worn one, never will 👍🏼”

“Mr Scientist, you’ve been wrong over and over again. I will not trust your judgement on covid or any infection going forward. ever.”

“Why is he still talking?🤔”

“Fauci, your credibility has been permanently suspended due to multiple or repeat violations of our terms of service. This account will now be closed and replies will not be monitored.”

“Of course, since your vaccinated and boosted to the umpteenth degree. See how well that worked out? You have COVID…Keep your filthy masks and jabs. I do none of that and never have. Never will. Live today tomorrow isn’t promised.”

“Not happening. I will carry on, living my life the way I see fit. YOU are not in charge of me.”

“Nope…people are not buying the fear you are selling anymore. Fearful of sniffles and cough but blood clots and myocarditis are normal. Let’s talk about the new term SADS!”

Honestly, why are people still interviewing this demented old clown?

The only time Fauci should be on TV is during his “perp walk.”


The left needs to realize the more they cart this fraud out, the more of a joke the Biden admin looks like.

At this point, they need a circus music soundtrack to go along with everything they do.

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