[VIDEO] Just When You Thought Gen Z Was Toast, This Guy Comes Along And Saves an Entire Generation

[VIDEO] Just When You Thought Gen Z Was Toast, This Guy Comes Along And Saves an Entire Generation

Gen Z has been taking a beating lately.


Many believe that Millennials were bad, but Gen Z is even worse.

I say that it’s normal for older generations to come down hard on the younger ones.

I am Gen X and I remember “The Greatest Generation” and boomers always talking smack about us…

But that’s how it goes, I guess… Youth is wasted on the young or something like that.

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However, after watching this clip, I am thinking maybe we shouldn’t give up on Gen Z just yet…

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And yes; I know it’s only ONE clip and most of what we see from Gen Z is confused blue-haired gender-neutral/non-binary/bla/bla/bla people spewing nonsense and pronouns, but there’s always an opposite side, and if this guy is representing the opposite side, then I think there’s still a lot of hope left.

When asked if he thought Donald Trump should be in prison, this young guy’s response was by far one of the best you’ll ever hear.

This kid gets it.


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Couldn’t agree more!”

“Finally a young person who’s not an idiot”

“We found a Gen Z’er who knows his gender!” 

Many of us agree with you. #TrumpWon

“Not all of our youth are idiots…”

“I like this kid!”

“Are there more like this kid? If so, we need to find them and support them” 

“This young guy is right on everything.”

“WOW, does anyone else feel a little hope come back?” 

“When you ask someone with common sense a question, this is the type of answer you will get” 

“Gen Z, there is hope for you yet!!!” 

Yes, there is hope. Always remember, the “fringe” are the smallest group, but they’re the loudest, so they trick many people into thinking they represent the majority, but they don’t.


Keep the faith, and keep fighting because that kid, and others like him, desperately need our help and support.

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