One Simple Photo Just Summed Up The Left’s Entire “Green Agenda” So Brilliantly, It Went Viral LOL

One Simple Photo Just Summed Up The Left’s Entire “Green Agenda” So Brilliantly, It Went Viral LOL

Well, I did it. I found a picture of the dumbest thing on the earth. Well, maybe not the dumbest… I once saw a picture of a man driving alone in a convertible with a mask on. That was probably the dumbest, but this one here is a close second, trust me.


Dr. Eli David is the guy responsible for sharing it… it’s a photo that perfectly sums up the left’s entire “green agenda” in the most spot-on and brilliant way ever.

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Now, I know, we already get how silly and hypocritical it is, but to see all that on such FULL DISPLAY in such a simple photo is truly a work of art, and that’s why this went viral.

So, what is it?

Well, it’s a picture of a paper straw wrapped in plastic.

Good lord, you can’t take these people seriously, can you?

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Here’s the photo:

Well, as you can imagine, many people had a lot to say about this:

“We have some really smart folks in the straw industry. LOL” 

“Also, they wrap plastic straws in paper LOL” 

“This is a perfect example of the left’s “Going Green” nonsense. it makes zero sense and only exists to make people feel good” 

“That’s to protect the straw from catching Covid and passing it on to some poor turtle’s grandma “

“You cannot make this stuff up”

“Sadly, this is actually totally true. The most important thing there is, protection of the living ecosystem on the earth, is kidnapped by illogical, unscientific ideology that rather prevents than helps to achieve results.”

The best part of this tweet is the hysterical leftists who are screaming that the plastic is “biodegradable.”

Well, no, it’s really not…

Plastics are not Naturally Biodegradable
This is another myth that needs to be busted. Many of the plastics will not biodegrade naturally. Owing to the conditions required for their biodegradation, a lot of plastics will only get biodegraded at industrial facilities.

If that wrapper is sitting in a landfill, it will not degrade naturally.

It’ll just sit there.


This is how ignorant these people are about their own cause.

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