[VIDEO] Gutfeld Just Went There … His New “Tinfoil” Statements On COVID Have Fact Checkers Swarming

[VIDEO] Gutfeld Just Went There … His New “Tinfoil” Statements On COVID Have Fact Checkers Swarming

The left and their cohorts label anything other than standard “Regime” talking points as “tinfoil” conspiracy theories.


Doesn’t matter what you’re talking about.

It could be COVID, Ukraine, or the 2020 election… If you’re not repeating what the Regime has declared as “truth,” then an army of fact-checkers will swarm down upon you, and devour any free-thinking abomination you’ve dared to cook up.

That’s exactly what happened when Greg Gutfeld deviated from the Regime’s talking points about COVID… when Greg suggested COVID was man-made, and the US government was probably complicit in its creation, the fact-checkers came up from the bowels of hell and ate his soul.

Bizparreview reported that Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld stated that, while he believes COVID-19 likely came from a lab, no one will “hang” for the death and destruction it has brought on Americans because the U.S. may have been “complicit” in its creation.

On Thursday, “The Five” gathered to discuss the damage COVID lockdowns caused to children and the elderly.

“It’s important to remember as this gets pushed out of the news cycle and Americans try to move on, who did this to these kids, why their futures were stolen, why people in nursing homes had to die alone. It’s because of the Chinese Communist Party,” stated panelist Katie Pavlich. “It’s because of the CDC, and the education and mental health crisis is a result of the teachers’ unions who used this opportunity to extort American taxpayers to get tons of funding.”

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It’s money, Pavlich continued, “that they’re not spending and not using it to harden the schools to keep kids and teachers safe and they are the ones who did this.”

“The CDC worked with teachers unions to come up with policies to continue to keep kids masked, to continue to keep schools closed,” she said, adding that we knew in May of 2020 that the virus primarily affected elderly people, “but the federal government and Anthony Fauci got a taste of power and continued to do it to kids for two years.”

“So they are completely responsible and they should be reminded that they are the ones who did this to the country,” she stated.

Gutfeld responded by saying the lack of accountability for the death and long-term damage caused by COVID measures “boggles the mind.”

“Just to follow up on the idea of responsibility, it still boggles the mind that we’ve come to the conclusion that, I think, this was a man-made virus, and no one’s going to hang for that,” he said. “I keep going back to that.”


“If this were a war that killed a million Americans, what would we be doing?” he asked. “And I’m saying that as like, the United States might have been complicit in this. This gain of function stuff didn’t just pop up by itself.”


Naturally, the fact-checkers were ready to roll the second Greg said this and came out swinging with the Regime’s “wet market/bat soup” theory, which is about as truthful as saying Joe Biden won 81 million LEGAL votes. Here’s an example:

Mediaite quickly came out with an article that included a statement from the National Institute of Health and a May 2022 quote from FactCheck.org which said, “It is not known how SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, originated. But many scientists suspect the virus ‘spilled over’ into humans from an animal. There is no evidence the virus was created in a lab, let alone as part of any U.S.-funded research.”


Nobody with any sense believes this hooey, and it’s even more weird and suspicious that they push this nonsense with such fervor.

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