Prince Harry Spotted Back in California Looking Very Somber After Disastrous UK Trip

Prince Harry Spotted Back in California Looking Very Somber After Disastrous UK Trip

Could it be that Prince Harry is having an epiphany about his life?


That’s what some say it looked like, as the Prince formerly known as Harry, somberly stared out of a car window when he arrived back in California after that disastrous trip to the UK, where the crowd loudly booed him and his very unpopular wife, Meghan.

I guess it’s never fun to find out that the public thinks you’re a big, dopey wanker and our wife sucks, too.

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The New York Post reported that Prince Harry arrived back in the US looking glum late Sunday after taking off from his grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee on a private jet before the celebrations came to a close.

Harry — who was booed alongside wife Meghan Markle during their only official appearance in their rare UK trip — looked notably somber as he was photographed after arriving back in his new home in California’s swanky Santa Barbara.

He had left his old home in the UK, Frogmore Cottage, in time to jet out of Farnborough Airport at 1:30 p.m., according to the Sun — meaning before his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, made her final appearance at the celebrations marking her historic 70-year reign.

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“There was no fanfare, they just went,” one insider told the Sun of the trip that was the first time in the UK for Harry’s daughter, Lilibet.

“They didn’t stick around for the Platinum Jubilee pageant,” the insider said.


Their private jet was estimated to cost about $200,000, according to the Sun, which stressed it was not clear who paid for it.

Glad to see he’s so concerned about the environment, right? 🙄

Here’s Harry looking like someone just pissed in his cornflakes:

I don’t blame Harry. The weekend was a nightmare by “Royal standards,” or any one’s standards, for that matter.

And what happened at the Queen’s Jubilee also solidified that Harry is no longer part of that world… and I’d guess by the sad, longing look on his face, part of him feels bad about that.

His family and his country, with all the good and bad, were his closest connection to his mother. Even though she was no fan of the monarchy, she was still a legendary part of it, and that mattered… who Harry was within that dynamic also mattered.

Harry’s “popularity” is now in the toilet, thanks to him and his wife’s bumbling elitism, and it also appears that his family has happily moved on without him.


Yeah, I’d probably be staring out the window sadly, too.

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