[VIDEO] Meghan and Harry Get Booed By Massive Crowd In London, England

[VIDEO] Meghan and Harry Get Booed By Massive Crowd In London, England

Right after the Oprah interview came out, I did an article that talked about how the Palace did not want Meghan and Harry coming back to jolly old England because they feared the duo would be booed.


And the Palace didn’t want that embarrassing drama to unfold.

Well, cut to almost a year later, and Meghan and Harry finally returned to England for the Queen’s Jubilee, and as predicted, the crowd booed them.


You can watch the video below:

This comes after a new set of polling shows that the world really doesn’t like Meghan or Harry… at all.

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Breitbart reported that royal Woketards Harry and Meghan are more unpopular than ever, according to the latest polling.

Currently, only 32 percent of those polled judge Harry favorably, while a mere 23 percent see Meghan in a positive light.

Harry’s unfavorable rating is 58 percent. Meghan’s unfavorable rating is a whopping 63 percent.

Per the Daily Mail, the British poll, “carried out by YouGov on 1,692 adults earlier this month, asked whether they held a positive or negative opinion of the Duke and Duchess.”

What this means is that Harry’s unfavorable rating is 26 points underwater and Meghan’s is 42 points underwater. Harry’s previous low was -25. Meghan’s previous low was -39.

And here’s the real kicker… the numbers below really put Harry and Meghan’s unpopularity into brutal context:

Queen Elizabeth is +69, Prince William (Harry’s brother) is +59, Prince Harry’s wife Kate is +55, Prince Charles is +19, and Charles’s wife Camilla is +9. Only three royals are underwater: the disloyal, narcissistic woketards Harry and Meghan, as well as the disgraced Prince Andrew, who’s -80.

Even among young people, Harry and Meghan only just barely poll above water.


“Some 42 per cent of those aged 18 to 24 see Harry positively, and 33 per cent see him negatively – a net score of +9,” which is only a little better than Meghan, who has “a net score of +2, as 38 per cent [of those aged 18 to 24] view her positively and 36 per cent negatively.”


Honestly, there is nothing likable about either of these smug, spoiled elites.

At least early on, when it seemed like Harry was a confused, manipulated dolt, people felt sorry for him.

But now, we can see he’s just a dutiful dullard, following Meghan around like a loyal lapdog. He’s fully embraced all this woke/liberal nonsense and is pushing it with just as much vigor as she is.

So, it’s actually not a shock that these two unlikeable elites got booed… it’s also fair to note, the other Royals received LOUD cheers.


I hope they now understand just how much people dislike them and their SJW nonsense.

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