[VIDEO] Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Guy Who Just Nuked Joe’s Entire Agenda Wears a Sweaty Undershirt 

[VIDEO] Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Guy Who Just Nuked Joe’s Entire Agenda Wears a Sweaty Undershirt 

You don’t have to be a sophisticated academic to dismantle the entire liberal agenda.


Trust me, this random guy in his flannel and undershirt just did it better than anyone you’ll ever see.

A friend texted me this video clip and said I should watch it because this guy did a “mic drop” on the liberals.

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I kinda did an eye roll… there are so many random people dropping mics all over the internet… But since it was a friend, I watched it, and boy, am I glad that I did.

This guy really is something special… and what started as a 2A rant, really turned into a complete and total dismantling of the entire liberal apparatus.

It’s amazing, and I know for a FACT you will enjoy watching every minute of this.

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Watch (warning language):

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Well-spoken absolutely on point. Common sense and truth is always a good mix. Love to hear more from him”

“They need school shootings to take away our guns, and they are creating the shooters to do it. Yes, I mean they are grooming them and arming them. That’s just how evil and desperate they are for our guns.”

“A gun is a tool that is like shovel or a hammer. It can be good or bad compared to the man using it.”

“Nothing more to add … Well said. I’m french but support the US citizens who defend their constitution. We all know that most of mass shooting are organized (false flag) to unarm the Americans. Don’t give up brothers !!!”

“The whole world needs to hear this!”

“I like that young man. He can be an officer in my militia.”

“This a race against the clock . The dems know that come November a new breed of Republican is going to be dealing with them seriously. So they’re pushing everything now. Time to hold the foxtrot line”

This guy here is the type of guy who needs to be in local politics.


I hope he joins the school board or city council. If we had more people like this representing us, we’d be a heck of a lot better off.

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