Secret Service Just Dropped a New MOAB on Jan 6th Committee

Secret Service Just Dropped a New MOAB on Jan 6th Committee

As you likely know by now, the sham J6 committee called up a “star witness” yesterday to testify under oath about President Trump and January 6th.


Her name is Cassidy Hutchinson, and she’s a low-level staffer and coffee fetcher, who apparently has a really large lying problem.

She told a laughable tale about how President Trump was in “The Beast” limo on Jan 6th, and he was told he couldn’t go to the Capitol building, he was so mad, that he choked the secret service driver and commandeered the limo, to steer it to the Capitol himself.

Good grief…

Yes, actual “professional adults” in the media and politics believed this story on its face.

Unreal, right?

Well, turns out the story was all hooey, according to the Secret Service driver and others directly involved.

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So, why didn’t the January 6 committee vet their “star witness,” is the question most people have…

Well, a few moments ago, the Secret Service just dropped a BOMB on the J6 committee when they said they knew for TEN DAYS that Cassidy would testify, and never once in those TEN DAYS did any person from the J6 committee reach out.

What the heck…


I’ll tell you why… they knew the story wasn’t real… and THAT needs to be investigated by the GOP the moment they take power back.

Don Jr. gets it…

And speaking of Don Jr…

Here’s what the tweet from Politico reporter Betsy Swan said: “New: USSS Spod Anthony Guglielmi tells me that in the 10 days before the Hutchinson hearing, the Jan. 6 committee did not reach out for more details regarding the Beast ride. ”


And here is Don Jr.’s reply: “So the J6 Committee rushed an “emergency hearing” and ran with Hutchinson’s fairy tale, without even ATTEMPTING to verify whether it was true or not. It’s almost like these dishonest frauds are more interested in “getting Trump,” than getting the truth!!!”

Just so you know, what the J6 hoax artists did is straight out of the Marxist playbook, and this is how all communist regimes use propaganda to their advantage.

This was never about the truth. It’s about spreading salacious, steamy, and juicy propaganda early in the day, and getting your media chuckleheads to spread it rabidly for a few hours and get everyone talking about it, and then quietly debunking it later, when nobody’s paying attention.

This is the same thing they did with the “Very Fine People” hoax, and that worked out well for them. Many people still actually believe Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people,” and as a result, label him a “racist” and “Hitler.”

However, I think their luck has run out with this game.

The American people have been tainted by all the media fails and hoaxes regarding Trump and MAGA, so this attempt here, using the pathological-lying “star witness” will backfire in their faces and make matters much worse for them.


That’s my prediction.



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