Popularity For The “J6 Hearings” is Sinking Faster Than Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers LOL

Popularity For The “J6 Hearings” is Sinking Faster Than Joe Biden’s Poll Numbers LOL

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anything more unpopular than Joe Biden… But I think we’ve found the one thing that is.

The sham January 6th hearings.


Those hearings are actually sinking faster than Joe Biden’s approvals, which is rather impressive… I mean, you have to be a really spectacular flop to accomplish that.

So, congrats to Pelosi, Cheney, Schiff, and Kinzinger for being that loathed and unpopular.

You did it, guys!

And why wouldn’t Americans reject this nonsense?

First off, the middle class is struggling right now.

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Inflation is at a 41-year high, and the average price for a gallon of gas is $5.00… Historically high and horrific.

Many parents still can’t get baby formula, there are bare shelves in many grocery stores, and millions of Americans are wondering how they’ll make it week to week… and instead of tirelessly focusing on that major issues, the elitist Dems and RINOs are still trying to destroy President Trump with expensive and time-consuming political stunts like January 6th.

And ironically, Trump is the only guy who actually gives a damn about the forgotten working man and woman in this country.

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And seriously, everyone is getting really sick and tired of these political stunts.

Here’s a tweet from podcaster Tyler Zed, who said what the rest of us are thinking and feeling (warning F-bomb):

“fu**ing losers. Fix gas prices. Nobody cares about this shit anymore, we have actual problems now.”


The tweet Tyler was commenting on was an article from The New York Post about how the ratings — which were already bad for the “prime-time” hearings — have gotten even worse.

They went from 20 million in prime-time, with all the major networks airing them, basically force-feeding Americans to watch, to 10 million.

President Trump gets more YouTube and Rumble views on his rallies.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Tyler, I am with you. I am frustrated and mad that they’re not listening to the American people. We don’t care about this nonsense. It happened over a year ago and it was just a moment that got a little out of hand. Big fu**ing deal” 

“I am no Trump fan, okay, but this January 6th obsession from the left is way, way too much.” 

“Tyler, I am so mad about this. I can’t pay my rent, eat and drive at the same damn time, but I am supposed to care about some boomers walking around the Cap, looking at portraits on the walls like 2 years ago??? GTFOH” 

“You’ve got to be kidding me, there was a second hearing?” 

“There was a joke about someone performing a halftime show at the hearings to try and get their ratings up. We all laugh, but sh*t has gotten that stupid” Meanwhile, I just paid almost 200 bucks to fill my truck” 

They’re trying so hard to make these hearings a “thing,” but it’s not catching on.


I don’t care what anybody says — Chuck Schumer having his fax machine “vandalized” a year and a half ago is not on anyone’s list of “priorities.”

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