J6 “Star Witness” Caught in Yet ANOTHER Lie, Insider Says Cheney’s Got Only ONE Option Left Now

J6 “Star Witness” Caught in Yet ANOTHER Lie, Insider Says Cheney’s Got Only ONE Option Left Now

Well, it’s looking more and more like the J6 “star witness” is actually a pathological liar who’s looking for her 15 minutes of fame.

Of course, most of us figured that early on, but now, as the entire story she told falls apart, it’s becoming clear to many people what’s really going on… and once again, this is a HUGE media flop, where they jumped all over an anti-Trump story like humping hyenas, before checking it out and making sure everything lined up.

Typical, right? This is why they have no credibility.


This is always what happens when it comes to President Trump because the entire media has Stage 5 TDS, including many idiots over at Fox News.

As you likely know by now, the story Cassidy Hutchinson told about President Trump attacking (choking) a Secret Service agent, and trying to commandeer “The Beast” has been debunked.

The SS agents who were in the car with the president and even the man who Cassidy claims told her that absurd story, have all come forward and said none of this ever happened.

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And if that wasn’t bad enough, another one of her lies has just been revealed.

Apparently, Cassidy, a low-level staffer, and basically a “coffee gopher” is really trying to insert herself into this J6 drama, nearly two years after the fact, and is trying to take credit for writing a “note” to President Trump on January 6th, that was actually written by a White House lawyer.

MORE NEWS: President Trump Just Solved The “Mystery” Of This J6 “Secret Witness” Nonsense

Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra tweeted about it on Twitter: “BREAKING: Former White House lawyer Eric Herschmann says that it is not true that Cassidy Hutchinson wrote the handwritten note that she testified on Tuesday that she wrote. He says it’s not true because he was the one who wrote the note.”

ABC News reported that former Trump White House lawyer Eric Herschmann is claiming that a handwritten note regarding a potential statement for then-President Donald Trump to release during the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was written by him during a meeting at the White House that afternoon, and not by White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

At Tuesday’s Jan. 6 committee hearing, Rep. Liz Cheney displayed a handwritten note which Hutchinson testified she wrote after Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows handed her a note card and pen to take his dictation.

Sources familiar with the matter said that Herschmann had previously told the committee that he had penned the note.

Just another lie that completely shreds the witness’s credibility, and further shreds the credibility of this January 6th sham committee.

Former law enforcement officer and former Newsmax host John Cardillo says the January 6 Committee has only ONE option left after this massive debacle with their lying star witness:

@BennieGThompson and @Liz_Cheney have ONE option here. ONE. Invite Ornato, Engel, the presidential limo driver, and Herschmann to publicly testify then criminally refer Hutchinson to DOJ for the 1001 crime. That’s it. There is no other option.”


Here’s what people online are saying:

“But, of course, they won’t. They got their headline.”

“This is what they wanted, just to get this dumb story out there. They don’t care it was a lie. People won’t pay attention to that” 

“Put them under oath and ask them about the other sh!t too.”

“We know they won’t….they have doctored and fabricated evidence and lied repeatedly. They will double down!”

“You’d think they would have done some due diligence before they had her testify to see if she was telling the truth. Or was this supposed to take away from the Ghislane Maxwell sentencing? This whole theatre is a farce and the people are sick of it.”

“Yeah that’s not going to happen. Yesterday was about trying to drum up some interest in their shit show because their rating are dismal. They got their sound bites and their favorite media talking heads to report how “devastating” it was to Trump.”

“Anyone still watching Fox News after what their coverage of this yesterday, should be ashamed of themselves” 

“They won’t. And it doesn’t matter. The real story has been spreading faster than the fake one anyway. The only people taking this crap seriously are the ones spewing it.”

I am actually happy this happened, and I hope it keeps up.

Hear me out…

All this does is further destroy the media and this sham hearing.

Let them continue. All they’re doing is hanging themselves.

Excuse my French here, but this Jan 6th stuff is just one gigantic “circle jerk” for elites with TDS.


Nobody else cares about this, and ultimately, the more circus-like this becomes, the worse it is for Dems and RINOs.

So, I say, have at it, and bring in MORE lying clowns.

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