Radio Host Jesse Kelly Brilliantly Sums Up J6 Circus in One Tweet That Should Scare The Heck Outta Dems

Radio Host Jesse Kelly Brilliantly Sums Up J6 Circus in One Tweet That Should Scare The Heck Outta Dems

The Dems took a big risk with this January 6th televised nonsense.


But, honestly, they didn’t have many choices.

As we approach midterms, Dems have nothing to talk about.

Biden’s economy is a mess… inflation just hit a 41-year high, wages are dropping, and gas is at least $5 bucks a gallon in most places.

Dems are no longer the party of the “working man,” so they can’t talk about kitchen table issues without pissing off their elitist radical base.

All they can focus on is transgender issues, Green New Garbage, and Trump.

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That’s it. They’ve got NOTHING else.

So, while Americans suffer, trying to put food on the table and fill up their gas tanks, Dems and a couple of RINOs are spending MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to put on a partisan political gong show.

It’s all they’ve got…

But as I said, it’s a risky move… what will probably happen is that they’ll end up pissing off the masses, while only appealing to a tiny, select few… And radio host Jesse Kelly so brilliantly painted a visual of exactly how that’ll happen… and sadly, he nails it.


Here’s what he said in a very powerful tweet, that actually should scare the sh*t out of Dems: “Imagine sitting in your car crying because you can’t afford to drive to work anymore, coming home that night, turning on the TV, and seeing Democrats doing a TV event for January 6th.”

Isn’t that sad? But this is likely happening to so many Americans right now.

What a slap in the face these hearings are! These out-of-touch TDS politicians will spend millions to feed their hatred of President Trump and anyone who believes in “America First,” but they won’t lift a finger to help struggling Americans.

But hey, if you live in Ukraine, these same rotten politicians will vote to send BILLIONS to you.

See how globalism works? 


It’s disgusting to watch unfold, and all I can say is, if you want revenge, get it on Tuesday, November 8th, and vote every one of these Democrat communists out of office.

It’s our only hope. 

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