[VIDEO] Jesse Watters Spots Something Very Interesting About Paul Pelosi’s Arrest That Could Explain A LOT

[VIDEO] Jesse Watters Spots Something Very Interesting About Paul Pelosi’s Arrest That Could Explain A LOT

Imagine if they’re hiding something about Paul Pelosi’s drunk driving arrest?


Well, it’s easy to imagine, because, of course, they’re hiding stuff.

But what they’re hiding might not be what you think it is… let’s not forget, Nancy Pelosi was out of town the night they arrested her husband in Napa Valley.

Jesse Watters has a new theory, based on some info released in a New York Times report, that Mr. Pelosi wasn’t alone that night in his car.

Now, if true, we can speculate who was with him while his wife was out of town… hmmm… maybe a “lady friend?”

Could this be the reason they won’t release the dashcam or bodycam footage of the arrest?

Because they don’t want to embarrass Nancy?

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Jesse pointed to the New York Times story that got into a lot more detail about the arrest.

The piece reveals that Paul Pelosi recently had cataract surgery.

Okay, so not only is this man in his 80s, driving a high-performance sports car while drunk, but now we’re learning he just had his eyes operated on?


The Times piece explains what a rotten driver Pelosi has been for pretty much his entire life. Back in the 70s, Pelosi flipped his car with Nancy and their kids in it.

And don’t forget, when Paul was 16 years old, his bad driving resulted in the death of his brother.

But here’s where the story gets really interesting. The piece goes on to say there was a witness to the crash and “sympathy” for Paul Pelosi in the area.

“Where did the witness come from on the side of the road?” Watters wondered… Jesse thinks the person was in the car…

So, who was it?

Could it be an affair?


That would be my first guess… His wife is gone, he’s out in Napa drinking wine, showing off his new Porsche, etc.

I mean, it makes sense, right? 

Watters said the police refused to confirm or deny that there was anyone in the car with him.

Watters said the sheriff, who was on the scene, knew if anyone was in the car, but he refused to say.

Everyone’s tight-lipped on this story.

But Jesse says, if they don’t give up the info, his team will take them to court to get it.


This is a classic situation of Pelosi liberal privilege.

Nancy will use her power to cover up anything that’ll make her look bad.


It’s our job to make sure she’s not successful, and to expose all the dirty laundry she’s trying to bury.

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